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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Salmon Avocado Salad!

I was having lunch at Maki earlier today... my friend asked if I wanted to share Salomon Avocado Salad.. I agreed, only problem is that she do not want it with Salmon or Avocado!

Me: One salmon avocado salad please and I want the salmon avocados on the side.
Waitress: OK.. so just lettuce and crab.. and you want the salmon and avocado on the side, right?
Me: Yes please
Waitress: OK :-)

A while later, another waiter comes..

Waiter: Excuse me ma'am.. but can you please pick between having either the salmon or avocados on the side? You cant have both as sides!
Me: No, you dont get it... I am ordering the salmon avocado salad but I want to have the salmon and avocado on the side and not mixed!!
Waiter: Yeah.. still, you have to pick only one side!
Me: Why?
Waiter: You can only pick ONE side....

The manager was at this time near our table listening... and to my surprise he was the one who sent the waiter cuz he was waiting for me to say "OK FINE" which I was not planning on saying..

Me: OK let me get this straight... I am ordering THE SALMON and AVOCADO salad, I only want those two on the side and not mixed... do you get this part?
Waiter: Yeah I do... its not possible.. errr... hmmmm

The manager calls for that waiter... after five minutes he comes back..

Waiter: OK, done
Me: Thanks!!!

Explanation? ANYONE??


His Sweetheart said...

And did they bring both??!

I guess sweetheart that the salad is called salmon avocado but you get to choose whether it's salmon or avocado!

Have you tried it before and it contained both ingredients?!

Technogal said...

OMG! The waiter is driving me insane! what the hell was his problem? KHALAS you told him put both on the side "YA3NI PUT BOTH ON THE SIDE"!!!

Fatima said...

hmmmm..probably theyre looking at it as the crab salad plus a side order! but still no excuse for this order mentality! b3ad shaku elbis 3la tho8ik o ekil matishtihy :P

daggero said...

Ansam :

Explanation !!!!

Stop going to restaurants with weird friends

On a more positive note there is a famous scene from an early Jack Nicholson movie called Five Easy Pieces where they go to a highway service/ rest area restaurant and try to order two pieces of Rai Bread toast and things get out of hand

check it out

Anonymous said...

3adi maki
thats why i try to avoid going there
tifilsif 3ala ilfathy
the food isnt that awesome to begin with
they always seem to be fully booked until you get there and see thats its actually empty
and they have to complicate your order by saying somethings not possible... this has been the biggest issue lately

Daggero said...

here is the link to the scene


Do you see any similarities

Nemo said...

i hate when waiters do that!!

Mike the Waiter said...

There is a reason restaurants have menus... try using one ... it will aid your dining experience. Would it have really been so difficult to pull out the avocado and salmon on your own? Geeze, I try to be positive... but this stuff is so, so elementary...
sorry, mTw

Purgatory said...

Serves you right for going to Maki ;p

Which sane person goes to Maki!!

Delly said...

maki's waiters are just the stupidest and the rudest waiters ive ever seen!! i no longer go to maki whatsoever!!

Ansam said...

His Sweetheart-
They ended up bringing both. No Its salmon + avocado + crab with lettuce and its not the first time I order it!

I know it was a simple request.. and its not the first time I order it this way!

No1 Its called Salmon Avocado Salad! Ya jima3a its not the first time I order it!
Yeah exactly let me eat as I want!
3ala ma ashtihi

Now who said anything about my friends being weird!

Its the waiter... remember!? My friend did not want the salmon + avocado... I wanted them! Its not the first time we do this. All other Japanese restaurants (including other Makis) would do it! LOL @ the video

Yes... I agree.. They used to be better and nicer and sweeter and simpler!
Now they only serve Kuwaiti or Lebanese sushi full of mayo and weird service!

Me too :-S

Mike the Waiter-
The is the customer experience also. You do not have to stick to the food on the menu as is... Some people order salads with extra dressing or dressing on the side... the problem is with rude and unprofessional waiters
My friend really does not like how avocado can get mixed in the salad and mesh with it or even accidentally eating it! It was just a simple request... dont mix it, instead get it on the side... lazy waiter!

I hate to say it.. but you are KINDA right!

I know... I havent been there in MONTHS... and when I go, this thing happen!

Ruby Woo said...

Mu 3an shay bas I know that we have the right to be picky bas it's just annoying at times because waiters mess it up pretty quick with odd orders so they have to do it all over again and just so confusing so maybe they want to limit that? Or maybe the manager was just being an ass.

Zabo0o6a said...

Sayra kel elma6a3em tza3lny :(
7ta maki which is supposed to be my happy meal gam yza3lney, re7t cafe' blanc for a change last week and got myself a tummy ache !
Anyways i miss you , sha5barej?

Silver said...


Scorpion said...

Emmm being honest here, both of u needs to explain!
Waiter: why can’t he do what you asked for?
Nossa & friend: sorry the salad name is SALMON AND AVOCADO!! Did u GET IT ??!?!?

Ansam said...

Ruby Woo-
We were not too picky.. I liked the salad as is, my friend wants it with crab only! So whats easier than having those two out on the side! I did not substitute and I did not create a new salad!

Thats sad! I hope your tummy feels better. I am good :-) Thanks for asking.


Cheeseburger without the cheese :-P

Anonymous said...

Well Ansam, yemkin the salad is already mixed and kept in the fridge? Next time go to Edo instead of Maki, allah ezeed il ni3ma, their Sushi if full of Mayo & its more expensive than other Japanese resturants (ana mo ji3s) bas its a fact. :)

Nouf said...

I really hate it when waiters try to act smart or start asking question on why u want ur food as u ordered it !!!!!!!

Just get me whatever i ask for, It's not a rocket sience to figure out how to put stuff on the side, Its just a salad for God's sake lol

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