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Monday, February 9, 2009

More Random Thoughts! (More of Rants :-P)

Problem is I am a bit on the edgy side these days hehehe! So no room for bright happy posts I guess! Is that a problem? No! Its my blog and I'll cry if I want to! X-P

I order from Coffee Republic a lot at work! My food/drinks get delivered in a timely manner! I've noticed they bring in the "expected" exact change with them when they deliver! Say my order is KD2.800, the delivery guy will have KD17.200 ready (so he can give you the exact change back starting from paying him KD20!) I also noticed that same thing with many restaurants I order from... Salad Creations, Q Cafe, Caribou... and many more


See... I mostly order through 6alabat just because I find it easier for me to deal with them electronically rather than by phone! I can write whatever I want in the comments (such as no mayo, brown bread instead..etc).. I am kind of documenting my order just in case, if something goes wrong... I have it documented! And plus its easier for them to read it rather than have me repeat it over and over, right?!

So the first time I ordered from Holiday Inn, the delivery guy was 200 fils short... so I was like thats ok. Next time I ordered I wrote a note "Please give back exact change for a payment of KD5.000)... he comes and hes 300 fils short!! The third time, he was 150 fils short but I told him I would wait! I was in a that mood! Yes! I wouldnt mind he walk around for as long as it takes for him to give me back my God damn 150 fils!!!

PS: This Holiday Inn incident happened some time ago! I dont even know why I posted about it NOW! LOL


Tooomz said...

Yes, it annoys me too when they're short on change. Do you think those delivery men should be tipped? I tip them when they are on time. When they are extremely late, I don't.

Scorpion said...

They made it up “money short issues” to make money out of it in case you don’t want to tip them. Plus u wrote this post coz u have nothing to do and bored!
Did u use any of the previous technique at ur annoying colleagues?

Ansam said...

I do tip them when they are fast and when I am in a good mood and there isnt a delivery charge already! But when they do it consecutively (short on change) it annoys me

I guess! But I waited for my 150 fils cuz he was doing it more than once although I asked the hotel to give an exact change back!

LOL no! And who said I was talking about my colleagues!

Scorpion said...

Let them know khalaaas

yaal colleagues tara athetaw ebnayatna !!

kil shay wala om enoooos ebroo7haa kanat maqthotha meny ayaam amreka etyon entaw al7een et qethoooonha la la la mo maqboooooool !!
oo 3ala golat il mathaaal "KOOYEEKHA"
ask ur sis about it Noosa ;)

Ansam said...

Enta nawi etsawi moshkila out of nowhere wila shino! LOL

KOOYEEKHA! LOL... shakhbaaaaaari! Min wain em6ali3ha

Grey said...

lol ! you should play that 'Keep the change you filthy animal' from HOME ALONE Part 1 hahahaha !

Ansam said...

LOL good one

Ms. D said...

inty min sijich!! tadren LOFAT holiday charge me kil mara 3ala kefhom! o sa3at akil cooked o sa3at not cooked! 3ade akla elyom 2.850 3 days later tser 2.950 nred next week its 2.850

ay shy!! o i have one standard order o wayed ekhooroona o its not cooked!!!

Ansam said...

Ms. D-
That sucks! Did you talk to the management about it?

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