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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Crappy Mood

Is there a personal cure/remedy for crappy mood?

I was in a very crappy mood yesterday, and I was trying so hard not to show it (specially at work) and there wasn't any specific reason for it... just a pile of negative thoughts/energy around me!

First thing I did was switching my cell phone OFF! Anyone who wants to reach me will have to call me at work :-P

To make things worse, I went to Segafredo on my lunch break (WHY NOT MUNCH! I now say)... I ordered shrimp cocktail salad and it smelled SO BAD I could not eat a full bite! Then I ordered Beef Steak Sandwich which was meh! Not that bad, but not that good either... I kept staring at MUNCH thinking WHY WHY didn't I go there! I am craving MUNCH right now as I am typing this hehehehe!

I went home and had an appointment for hair trim, I was bored doing Sudoku and waiting for my stylist... she called and told me I am around, can I come in early... I was like YES! To be quiet honest, it kinda lifted up my mood.. the haircut that is.

Then I decided to listen to some music, which also helped... but I was till in that crappy mood! ARGHHHHHH

I saw my sister and brother in law later in the evening, they were going to Shuwaikh and I told them I want to tag along... they are shopping for their house. So we went to Sun City (A place I love... LOVE LOVE) and checked Arte Casa.. I have not been there for over a year... and man that place CHANGED! They have some SEXY bathrooms on the upper floor I was in LOVE! And my mood got better..

My brother in law then wanted to go to ABYAT... Apparently, he has been going there with my sister a lot, and they try to play mind games with the security guard in the parking lot... I think he officially HATES them LOL... They, for example, would pretend they want to go wrong side in the parking and he would be waving NO NO THIS WAY or pretend they want to exit from the entrance and the other way around... and that man really takes it seriously I was laughing my head off at his facial expressions! My mood was getting better and better.

When we decided to get KDD soft ice cream the place was closed :-( *sobs*

When I came back home, I was thinking MAN THAT WAS FUN! But then again I got back to my crappy mood!

I woke up today in milder case of crappy mood but still its CRAPPY MOOD + I switched off my phone AGAIN!! Help! Ideas? I wanna get out of this crappy mood ASAP!!!


My friend just gave me a link to check... click here (alqabas).


chika said...

1. Order something sweet - up sized preferably ice cream

2. take off your shoes and walk around the office!

3. play some crazy music - Gnarles and start jumping around! also at office!

4. Write a rant post filled with cussing :D

Ansam said...

I had a pecan something coffee/latte from the second cup..

I took off my shoes but still didnt walk around barefoot LOL my red nail polish will attract attention LOL DANGEROUS COLOR :-P

I did not bring my iPod, and instead I am listening to chatters and noises and clicking on keyboards ARGHHHHHHH

I can write that, but will I publish it :-P LOL

Ansam said...

*light bulb*
hmmmm ICE CREAM! There is a gelatini place close by!

Ansam said...

CRAP! I spilled water all over my desk and PHONE! I switched it on, its working but ITS A MESS!

Grey said...

You can blame the moon ! seriously ,.... its a bloody full moon outside ..

Grey said...

ok links not clear ... google ' mood swings full moon '

Ansam said...


Ansam said...

Well... a little confession! There are some stuff that are bothering me, sorry FULL MOON! Its not just you!

Hamitaf La B. said...

what to do what to do.... look at pictures of a really really hot guy you like... ooooooorr.... wait that will make you feel miserable... um... nope no ideas... :P

Purgatory said...

I thought you went to Sin city ;p

Ansam said...

Hamitaf La B.-
You're not helping!

Wala enta! You are not helping people!!

Anonymous said...

Sometime random fate intervenes to bring the mood up but two things that do it for me - great music, your real favorites, the up ones, and . . . exercise. I really hate exercise, but you feel SO good when you finish. Getting the blood going somehow helps you shake the cruddy mood.

Jenny said...

I think you need to pack your bags and come visit me...in Texas....as soon as earthly possible. I am dying to shop with you, see your taste in sexy bathrooms since we have to re-do part of our new one in the house we are buying, and go eat at some incredible places here like the ones you describe in Kuwait that are making me hungry AFTER I JUST ATE!!!

Chin up, my friend. I am worried about ya!


Ansam said...

Exercise helps me too... I just dont have the time to do it daily like I used to which is kinda bringing me down! As for the music I guess u r right! I have been listening to sad tunes I need to switch LOL

JENNY! I miss you... believe me there is nothing I want to do more than traveling, but I have just switched positions within the company and I feel weird and unprofessional to take time off now so I guess maybe later this year! I wanna shop with you! Remember Vegas? LOL Say hello to Ryan and kisses to little Quentin! I miss you!!

Anonymous said...

hope you have a better day tomorrow :)

Ansam said...

I hope so too

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