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Saturday, October 27, 2007

ZAIN or Not Zain?

I did this chart for ZAIN (previously known as MTC: Mobile Telecom Co) for the period Oct 4th - Oct 25th.

I looked and gazed for a while looking at ZAIN's yo yo performance then decided to erase some lines and add a question mark!
It reads ZAIN in Arabic... kinda! How about that? Is ZAIN a ZAIN company after all?
(ZAIN means good)


Yara said...

I dont if its from the company bs recently wayd tashbek el kh6o6 :/

Amjad said...

haha! nice one! :-p

Well, I'm going to try ZAIN out soon in Sudan since I will go there after a couple of weeks.

Ansam said...

ee la7atht.. you are right

Let me know how it is

enigma said...

this company is becoming worse and worse. about tashabok el kh6o6 i had something like that happen.

Ansam said...

Who didnt heehee!!

noafnackshabandi said...

oI think that it’s a rip off!! I’m a moderate phone user, and I have never dealt with a company where you have to pay them twice a month!! "to enjoy our services".. and I thought the Saudi Jawal was a rip off… sorry guys, you can tell it’s a sensitive topic

Ansam said...

I think thats how their "business" is done

LayDeeLay said...

haha...too much spare time girl:p...or those investors are ALL Zain fans...:p

Ansam said...


bashar said...

Honestly, I used to think they will create some fuss with their new logo, which is so much close to Cinescape if someone didn't notice yet.

Their ads for the new brand however were soo weak and pointless you can still see them in the roads. What is worse is their branch brand. The light green banner at the top looks really ugly and from the old days. I guess they couldn't over use the colors in their logo as it would be obvious copy of cinescape.

Ansam said...

You make very good points!!! I cannot agree more!

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