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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

OCD! Seriously?

Do I have OCD? - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder -

I did not reach Monica Geller's level yet, I mean I am neat but she is a neat freak... but really am I getting there? Are there any gradual steps to be an OCD person?

You tell me...

My desk at work is somewhat tidy and neat.. not cluttered, all my items are labeled with my name just in case! That includes the highlighters, scissors, pens, pencils...etc

I like to have my tissue box, mouse pad, keyboard, phone...etc. in a specific place. If someone comes by, use my stabler, and just leave it in a different place, I take it back where it belongs.

When my boss talks to me in his office I tend to tidy things up on his desk, like fix the papers and pile them.. take things off the floor and put them on the table/desk unintentionally!

I designed my room to look like a hotel room, but also feel comfy. My bathroom as well. I got comments saying that it does actually look like a hotel room.. and even funnier, a friend of mine saw a picture of some candles in my bathroom and thought it was a spa. Things in my room are also categorized and are fit to certain places.

My closet is also categorized. Not just that, but when you open a cupboard you see my clothes color-coordinated. White shirts and tops are put together, blues also, pinks, reds...etc. It is just easier for my eyes when I pick a skirt and match it with a top.

When I use the basin to wash my hands or face.. I have to (HAVE TO) take a tissue and wipe away excess water when I am done. I don't like the water all over around the basin. It drives one of my friends crazy heehee!!!

I have edited this post about five times now since I started it!

I can go further on this subject! But I think this is enough for now!!

This post is dedicated to KK.. You asked me for a new post, and this is the best I could come up with. I hope you enjoyed it :-)


'GreY' said...

OMG ! you have OCD ! :p
Take a quiz

chikapappi said...

u sound like me! LOL! mabrouk! join the club :P

Ansam said...

Based upon your responses to this screening measure, you are most likely suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder. NOOOOOOOOOOO

LOL thanks heehee

Confashion said...

And what's wrong with being OC? :P I find ppl who have OCD to be more efficient...

Karim said...

wow, i am famous :) someone mentioned me in a blog (lucky me)
it is a useless endeavor to tidy your boss office... if u do so then u have OCD definitely otherwise u r just an extra neat person.

Ansam said...

heehee :-) I dont really tidy it up. I just pick a pen off the floor or pile the papers in a certain way while talking to him informaly... that kinda stuff. I also tend to do it to others

Ansam said...

Thank you very much :-***

Dreamy said...

HAha it might sound freaky but good in a way, u r being neat thats all .. u reminded me with Bree vandicamp *mind the spelling* from DHW ^_^

Ansam said...

LOL yeah ok :-P I didnt reach that level yet but we will see :-P heehee

LayDeeLay said...

And i never got a dedication!..sigh..no love!..
Ok..MONICA...come visit us for like half n hour n do my desk...coz i always clean stuff up but its always a mess in a few days!

Ansam said...

LOL next time I come by your floor I will approach your desk :-P

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