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Monday, October 15, 2007

Totally Fish

Our Eid ritual every year is as follows;
First day of Eid is for family greetings, visiting the whole family (both my mom's and dad's)
Second day is for us, we go out for lunch... Every year in the Sheraton hotel
Third day we go to my aunt's farm in Abdaly

Whos responsible for making lunch reservations? ME :-)

This year, we were busy towards the end of Ramadan with the funeral and all... so it totally slipped my mind, and it was totally a mess, totally chaotic, totally out of my hands since all restaurants were fully booked, but totally awesome that I managed to get a table at Totally Fish!

If you know me well, I am not a seafood person... nothing that swims, crawls, or lives in the sea can come near me... during my teenage years I started eating shrimps. In 1995 I tried sushi, and totally got hooked on till now. Then came lobsters, clams, crabs but still NO FISH for me.. but not till a couple of years ago I started eating fish! It was like experimenting a new yummy world I swear! I have no idea how my taste buds started to change. I will be like hmmm I want grilled hamour... my dad's jaws will drop so hard! He will be like: Is that Ansam talking??

All those years they were trying so hard to make me just try fish! My dad would say something like: If you eat this I will give you KWD 100.. But with no use!!

Look at me now?!! I make lunch reservation at Totally Fish!!! Yes :-P

Now I do eat everything that swims, crawls, and lives in the sea... I would go and pick the fish I want and enjoy it to the fullest.

Totally Fish Experience was totally successful. I tried shrimps, jumbo shrimps, raw oysters, Lebanese style fried fish (the tiny ones), some of my sisters dishes (sole, penne with seafood...etc) and my main dish was Sea Bass cooked in sea salt.... ahhhhhhh sooooo good. The food was awesome awesome awesome...

The service was AMAZING! The manager kept popping in and out, helping with dishes and suggesting some other dishes... checking on us every now and then.. The staff and waiters were super duper friendly.

Overall... I give it hmmm 4.5/5... it was a bit pricey! I get it.. its seafood, and seafood restaurants are usually expensive, but we are in seafood rich country. Plus, the restaurant location is at the Marina Mall Crescent not in a hotel ;-) Would I recommend it? Oh yeah! To all seafood lovers, but when it comes to those of you who dont eat fish, I say TOO BAD!

You can call them up and make your reservation and try it out for yourself if you haven't done that already ;-) Their phone number is: 224-4960/1 or check out their link at Al Shaya website


chikapappi said...

Glad you enjoyed it :) - I love shrimps!

3baid said...

Lovely post Ansam :)

Intlxpatr said...

That was a totally awesome review, Ansam, so good that I am going to have to try Totally Fish! I can't resist! Your review was that good, and the salted sea bass sounds amazing.

Ansam said...

Yeah I did.. thanks. Me too


Yeah I wanna go again so soon. The sea bass was actually a good choice for me. It came in and it looked SO HUGE so dont be scared cuz the waiter will ask you if you want him to remove the bone (which I strongly recommend) he bangs on the fish with a knife taking all those layers of sea salt our, take away the skin, the bones, and hand it in as a fillet :-)

Maha said...

I never tried seabass. Maybe I will now, you made it sound so delicious abbbaaaaihhhhhhh I'm hungry now and it's still not lunch time

Ansam said...

Maybe you should ;-) it was so good.

New Bride said...

wooooo i love sea food

but as u said when i was young i couldn`t eat fish bas i started to live sea food when i turned 17

enshalh i will try it bas no one will with me :(

and by the way i am the one who do all the reservations things 2 ;)

Ansam said...

New Bride-
Well I guess I am luckier since my family (specially my dad's side) live to eat seafood. They would not mind having seafood 6 days per week so I am covered in that area.

So you are like me.. you became seafood lover lately! Dont you think that we missed out in life? I feel this way sometimes heehee

So you know how I feel about reservations and stuff? I am like the PR rep for our house. I do reservation and recommend food and more LOL

Yara said...

I dont eat any kind of seafood :( not even shrimp.. i just cant eat something that is staring right back at me :s

I never even tried

Ansam said...

You are missing out girl! Believe me I was there

nofers said...

yummyyy!! personally i love oyster's, lobster, and shrimp!! i cant imagine how you lived without it!!!
Ps. first time I post on your blog..

Ansam said...

I know! I am making up for it now LOL

No you posted before I dont remember which post though. I will look it up ;-)

eshda3wa said...

i cant stand sea food
i want to
i tried and tried
bs i have come to accept the fact that ill just swim in the sea and not eat from it

Ansam said...

Give it time... tara ana ma kint a7eb el seafood weshway shway ta3alamt 3alaih o now i am in love

Anonymous said...

I went once and i tried maybe chicken. Evry1 told me that Im chicken for not eating sea-food or fish. Honestly I dont know what I want to order but thank you for giving out the lovely ideas. I will try shrimps and seabass

Ansam said...

I hope you end up liking it as much as i did

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