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Monday, June 16, 2008

Extra - A question

I have been asked this question by one of my college professors (now a friend)... give me your feedback when you have time please :-)

The question:

What do you think are the biggest problems young people face in Kuwait today? Do they have identity?


PS: No point will be given in this post :-P


ManalQ8 said...


عيال الكويت اتجهوا للحياة الغربية بحذافيرها

لم يعد هناك اي صورة لشخصية الطفل او الابناء الكويتيين

والسر في تصوري وراء ذلك هو قصور وتفكك العلاقات الاسرية

واعتقاد الكبار بان متابعة وتقليد الغرب والوسيلة للهروب من الماضي الفقير
هو الحل
الى حياة متفتحة بالتقدم التكنولوجي والفكري

يتوقع الآباء ان متابعة الغرب في كل شيء ثقافة تحضرية

ابناءنا تنقصهم النصيحة في الوقت المناسب
لان لي فات الفوت ما ينفع الصوت

ابناءنا يحتاجون الحب والاهتمام
لان مع الحب والاهتمام تكبر العلاقة وتقدر النصيحة توصل بسلام الى قلوبهم الطاهرة النظيفة

ابنائنا الآن نتيجة ما جناه آباؤهم وأمهاتهم

الله يستر عليهم ويحفظهم

Z said...

hmm.. I see what you did there. You put the idea in our heads, that they have no identity before we had the chance to answer :p

In any case, the biggest problem from my humble point of view is that they're going to live in a hypocritical society. One that superficially looks decent, wealthy, and virtuous, while the underbelly is certainly the opposite.

I don't appreciate the materialism, the preaching-personalities, and the overly islamicized surface (and rotten insides) that a good number of people exhibit these days.

Now I'm ranting about the stuff that I think are a problem. I'll just go away quietly now :[

KTDP said...

I doubt that I could answer your question well. I'm not educated, mature or smart enough to answer it in a very convinving* or correct manner.

I do believe that part of the problem lies in a lack of inspiration and sense of achievement (you never here about Kuwaiti baseball stars, only the Japanese ones). Whether this is due to a lack of good educators or not is a separate issue (the guy in great debaters isn't exactly a example of your typical school teacher here in Kuwait)

*My inability to spell makes it all the more difficult.

UTP said...

most GCC countries have been asking that...these days. With the high influx of expatriates coming and living there...the culture is going out...changing...

A country is known by its culture...and that is not really there...not even in the UAE...

Big Pearls said...

They have nothing to do !

Delicately Realistic said...

Too much money, therefore, everything is handed to us on a silver platter.

We dont need to fight for anything. All we have to say is:


And we have it.

Im reminded by this everyday when i compare the Kuwaiti students and the International students at college. They are working their hardest cuz they cant waste the chance they have been given. They know the better they do the more job security they have. On the otherhand, our job security is a given, so we work hard (or not), but we can do much better.

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