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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Swollen Finger

While I was trying to sleep (Thursday in the evening) I felt pain/discomfort in my right index finger! I got worried so I switched on the light and looked at my finger... IT WAS SWOLLEN! I was not able to move/bend it easily without going ouch ouch ouch!!!

What happened! I dont remember what led to that! I did not work out, did I hit something? A splinter maybe? hmmm I dont remember :-(

Anyways... I decided to ignore it and slept to wake up in the morning to find some redness in the area.. and I was still in pain.

I went to the ER, the doctor told me that I need to see a specialist because he couldnt really tell what was wrong. He gave me an antibiotic and a pain killer. He noticed the redness and also pointed out that the swollen finger was warmer than my other fingers.

Earlier today... I went to the specialist. He examined it, and sent me for X-Rays and blood tests. My blood pressure was 85/60 (which is kinda normal in my case) but I was so dizzy... when they were drawing blood I almost felt like fainting.. but I didnt *phew!* but the blood was going into the tube so darn slow... I wanted to throw up!! eeeeek!

Tomorrow I go in again for the results and then again in a couple of weeks for the results that they sent abroad! I am sure its nothing, but I dont know why I am stressing over it!

So to feel better about my swollen poor finger I colored my nails LOL!

My blood test result came out! I dont have rheumatoid! :-D Thats what the doctor was afraid of.. I got another medication though and hmmm I have an appointment in two weeks for the blood test that was sent abroad. YAAAAAY


Grey said...

85/60? lol! been there ... eat well, and i guess nothing serious. Don't let them scare you !

Anonymous said...

how would u say that ur blood pressure is normal :p
drink more and have salty diet, that will increase ur blood pressure.
the swollen finger i would say it could be caused by allergic reaction, dont worry about it, the blood test will tell all the story .. dont stress ur self :)
hope u get better soon

eshda3wa said...

salaaamtich 1000 salama

FourMe said...

la7ool salamat matshofen shar.. entay laish chethy mo metrag3aa!

Big Pearls said...

salamtech o ma itshofen shar..inshalla it'll be nothing

Organic Kuwait said...

i hope u feel better even before u get the results. Let us know what happens??? did u check for a cuticle ? maybe after a manicure u got a small tiny cut that got infected?

Hamitaf La B said...

ooofffff salamat.... !!
matshoofeen shar... and what up with the blood pressure...? Seriously you have to take care of yourself and I guess those blood test are just normal precautions.. enshalla nothing to worry about :)

Ansam said...

LOL I do eat well... its just that my blood pressure is normally low (it runs in the family)

As I told Grey... its normal for me to have that reading. I hate salty food! hehehe so go figure! I hope nothing is wrong.. my appointment with the doctor is this afternoon so we will see

Alla yesalmich dear :-)

alla yesalmich eshar mayeech! Aham shay when the doctor was telling me it could be this and that.. I would go: and it could be nothing right? he laughs! So you know I am positive :-)

Big Pearls-
Thanks :-)
alla yesalmich eshar mayeech

Organic Kuwait-
Thank you for your concern. I will post about it inshalla tonight :-)I actually checked for that o ma kan fi trace for any!

Hamitaf La B-
Thanks :-* I am relaxed today and positive too. Inshalla kheir

Anonymous said...


Za3tar said...

My diagnosis: Too much typing! give your fingers a break and travel hehe

Ansam said...

alla yesalmik

TYPICAL Za3tar LOL yalla I wish I can take a long break and TRAVEL!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Yara said...

ooh matshofeen shar :( why does all this happen to u :/ I hope nothings wrong enshallah

pablo-chiarpenello said...

Maybe an insect or a bug bit you. Sometimes you have spiders at home and they can bite.

Ansam said...

Mako illa el3afia inshalla :-) I am sure its nothing :-D

EEEK! I hate spiders!

shoosha said...

salamaat... maybe u slept on it :P wayed anam 3ala a9abe33i

Servidores said...

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Ansam said...

ee ana ham agool ya 6agga shay ya nayma 3alih sa7 kalamich! Its better now bes shway za3ejni!

Thanks :-)

Fa6ma said...

Hope it's nothing, as long as it's arthritis then I guess it's nothing serious. Take care girl =)

Ansam said...

Thanks :-) I hope so too.

This Lady said...

Salamaaaaat.. matshoofeen shar inshallah!

Ansam said...

This Lady-
Alla yesalmich
eshar mayeech :-)

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