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Thursday, January 17, 2008

This is SAD!

Sorry the post is in Arabic.
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Dana said...

It IS sad !
walla thak ilyoom i was telling my husband the same thing .. Bush came to the gulf and saw things that he never dreamed of, from palaces to the true arabian hospitality .. But sad enough his visit to Kuwait was disappointing in comparison with the other gulf countries he visited ..

It's so sad what's happening to Kuwait.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys really care what Bush does? I don't.

True Arabian hospitality still exists in Kuwait but I don't think I would be showing it to Bush.

And hello comparing us to Abu Dhabi?! I've been there and it is one of the most boring places I have ever been to.

Anonymous said...

I so much agree with anonymous that true arabian hospitality still exists in kuwait but I dont think I would be showing it to Bush..well said!!

'Grey' said...

Somebody please explian whats going on ..

Ansam said...

I know :-(

Its not about that! Well I know it exist but seems like you didnt get my point! I meant whenever we have any guests in Kuwait and want to take them around and show off our country! What I meant that Kuwait needs to grow fast after all those years of basically doing nothing!

Read above :-P

When W. Bush came to Kuwait the visit was too short for him to be taken around the city (phew!) and ALAS he saw many better things in other GCC countries in regards to amazing projects and advancements and all... I am not talking about hospitalty, I am sad about the situation as whole!

'Grey' said...

Thats exactly what i told my wife , he looked out of the place and grumpy in Kwait where as in other country's he was smiling and dancing & stuff...

Ansam said...

So you understand my point grey! Its not about Kuwait/Kuwaiti being hospitable and all! I was talking about advancement and changes.. projects, scenery, all that!!!
Kuwait retreated in the last decade instead of advancing and lost its touch

Ms. D said...

i totally agree!! lama eyon wufood ajaneb ya na3zimhom ib safara.. aw eb provate estate: chalet.. mazra3a aw house.. misakeen ween ero7on ib hal ghlega?

Ms. D said...

provate = private


thooo thorrrry ;p

Ansam said...

Ms. D-
Its sad :-(

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