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Monday, January 14, 2008

Parted-at-Birth Twins 'Married' .... SERIOUSLY!

A pair of twins who were adopted by separate families as babies got married without knowing they were brother and sister, a peer told the House of Lords.

A court annulled the British couple's union after they discovered their true relationship, Lord Alton said.

The peer - who heard of the case from a judge who was involved - said the twins felt an "inevitable attraction".

He said the case showed how important it was for children to be able to find out about their biological parents.

Details of the identities of the twins involved have been kept secret, but Lord Alton said the pair did not realise they were related until after their marriage.

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So I know many of you are hoping that they just made out and never did "it" but really! Whats the likelihood of such scenario!!! Imagine the aftermath of that and all the help they will need to get over it! God!

So think of the effect of the sperm banks now! I strongly believe people in this era should do DNA testing before getting married in places with such "banks"! It is disgusting! Its like saying... before we fall in love, let's do a DNA test! I mean come on! SERIOUSLY!


Maha said...

astaghfarrallaaah! EWE

Anonymous said...

WTF!!! *shivers*

Enigma said...

oh my god ;/

now i understood why adoption is not allowed in islam.. i always wondered why.

pink said...

in the old times..in india and egypt and rome they used to marry brothers and sisters..like the queen is the sis of the king..no wonder alot of ppl r retarded now days by the incest that used to happen b4

Rashisha said...


Ansam said...

I KNOW! I KNOW! Its traumatic!

Delicately Realistic said...

Ouch! Thats not nice!

Ansam said...

Delicately Realistic-
Oh big time... ewe

'Grey' said...

I felt sad ! it's not funny ! imagine the mental trauma they are going through .... Luck doesn't get badder than this ...

Ansam said...

It doesnt! I know its traumatic and disgusting too

This Lady said...

that's why its 7aram in Islam to donate sperm and have surrogate mothers etc..

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