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Friday, November 2, 2007

Sorry!! Do I Know You?

Facebook is an interesting social network. I happen to be new to it (compared with a lot of people I know who kept asking me to open an account :-P). I have got in touch with people I knew from long time ago, and still meeting people... though I set the red lines (the lines I am not supposed to cross) and follow my own set of rules. I know this might seem so "old fashion" to many of you, but its a slim chance-to-none that I accept friend requests from people that I dont know.... but, and yes there is a BUT here, I accepted a friend request from what seems to be this nice young and annoying girl. I have never heard of her in my life, and she is like 9 years younger than I am who strongly believe that I used to be her classmate!

I tried to explain it to her but she wrote on my wall (the wall, if you're not familiar with the Facebook, is a personal space on each person's profile where you find a lot of posted messages from your friends)... back to the subject, she called me idiot on my wall!!! That kinda ticked me off but still I didnt bother to say things back because I really am not in a state of mind to argue about such silly things in life! So I just ignored her, and then she sent me a personal private message asking me if I was a student at this "X school"....

To make things clearer.. because I thought it was a prank played by someone I know, I went into her profile and checked out her friends' list. Turn out that we share a friend. I messaged my friend and asked her if she knew who this girl is, but she didnt knew who she was either...

This doesnt end here! So this girl who claims to be my classmate gives me names of people (full names) that used to be in our class. I didnt doubt myself for a moment but checking on her friends' list I came across one of the names she told me about, so I messaged him and he doesnt know her either "SURPRISE!" heehee. So he tells me lets play a prank and tell her we were her classmates.... I have to be honest I liked it at first, but its old school! So she keep asking me questions and giving me more names and birthdates (YES I KNOW too may info) till I was like WOW THIS THING HAS TO STOP NOW! I come clean and I tell her.. I am not who you think I am, I never went to the same school, I dont know any of the names you are giving out, I am almost a decade older than you so I cant be your ex-classmate....

I dont want to be rude or anything... but should I just block her or try to make peace and be Facebook friends? I dont like the added stress in my life! Arghhhhh! I have no idea if she really went on giving my full name to people on Facebook LOL not that it matters but what is freaking me out even more that she is still messaging me as I am writing this post!

Lets be positive and look at the bright side here... I gained a friend, her! Well maybe!!! I got a good laugh from this Kuwaiti guy who seemed nice and I dont believe he did go for the prank either, and I am having a good laugh at the situation as a whole!

What do you all think?


chikapappi said...

Well, Block her if you think she's fishy, bas it she's ok, after you check on her - khalas, a new friend :)

Yara said...

Dont block bs 7egreha

eshda3wa said...

block her bala 3awar ras
she sounds maleeqa

SF said...
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S Fabulous said...
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S Fabulous said...
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S Fabulous said...
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This Lady Says said...


I ignore so many requests daily. I had a similar situation where "girls" would add me as a friend, with names of girls i know. Then i discovered they were false identities!

Advice from an old facebook user - use it for ur existing friends and acquaintances. prevents problems.

Ansam said...

She posted so many mean comments and i deleted'em all! Shes so annoying and I bet she can read my comment now! Its freaking me out! I want her out iffffffffff

Its getting bad

I know... and thats the right choice to make

This Lady-
Yeah :-) Thanks.

LayDeeLay said...

Block!!!no matter how young people may seem on these sites...always assume its sm sad old man trying to get lucky!!
Delete girl...u really dont need the added stress...or simply jst add her to ur limited profile and make sure that ur settings there are extremely limited!

Ansam said...

I did heehee ;-)

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