"Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May" is a poem by Robert Herrick. This poem portrays our existence on earth, and that people age as life goes on, and everything becomes boundless. Herrick here urges people to take advantage of youth and energy while they may! The poem is in the genre of carpe diem, to seize the day.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


After Chickette died, Chick became sick... my sis took him to see the vet, and now he's on medications and doing better now :-) I snapped some random pics ;-)

Pomegranate Phone NS08

One device that put so many things in the palm of your hand than you ever thought possible; phone, email, Internet, GPS Navigation, camera, projector, video, MP3 player, coffee brewer, shaver, harmonica… and more!

Pomegranate Phone NS08

Now the question is….. Did we take quick decisions with the BlackBerry hype? Maybe we should have waited for the Pomegranate?? It seems to beat the BlackBerry in many things by far! Its smaller, thinner, and got more options! It combines work and fun!! It combines two things in one… eliminate the need of separate instruments (Shaver + Phone in the same time, you can shave while talking). Awesome! I like the Global Voice Translator too, very useful tool (50 languages)… with that feature, language is never a barrier!!

But then again, click on the "Release Date"... it will take you to Nova Scotia, Canada. Its just a fake ad to grab your attention and get you interested in visiting their site :-P

My point is… I LOVE THIS AD! hahahaha

Thanks Mimmi!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I <3 Rustica

I went to Rustica... AGAIN :-D
I LOVE this place.... I can easily say that its my favorite pizza place in town. I talked about it so much to my cousins and they wanted to try it... Actually one of them was looking for THE BEST pizza in Kuwait, and since she just delivered her baby a couple of month back and did a mini surgery, it was hard to go out... we decided to have Rustica Pizza at their place, my cousin's house.

She said: Hmmmm, now this pizza is my favorite in Kuwait too! - Hers was the Margarita

and my other cousin goes: I agree, it got this "Italian" taste and feel to it - Hers was the Veggies

Me: *munch* *munch* *munch* hmmm yes yes yes - Mine was half pepperoni and half mushroom

What can I say? The place is nice, the food is awesome, the staff are super duper friendly....

Pizza anyone?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Do Re Mi

Reminded me of the T-Mobile Dance video ;-)

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have so many chocolates in hand... they just came in from Switzerland :-D
I asked my friend to get me Noir au Thé Earl Grey from Favarger 1826. She was kind enough to get me more yummy spicy stuff too ;-) She knows I love the Lindt with Sea Salt and with Chili.. the bar ones (I cant have spicy food, but with chocolate, it is something else! I swear).. so now I have in addition to what I initially asked for Lindt HOT PRALINES and Lindt MINI PRALINES all in a box, not as in choco bars.

I tried all the chili flavored ones... my throat is tickling as I am typing this! But I love it... does that make any sense?

Anyways... the HOT PRALINES box comes with three flavors, Papaya & Chili + Granatapfel (Pomegranate) & Chili + Maracuja (Passion Fruit) & Jalapeño. Holding the box in my hand I thought to myself.... hmmm I may like the pomegranate ones... surprisingly I loved the papaya the most!!! But all in all... all three flavors were awesome... keeping in mind that I do not like chocolates with fruity filling... I am telling you, its the spiciness thats doing the magic here!

Level of spiciness... I would say the papaya was the spiciest and the passion fruit was the mildest! How do I explain that mixture of strong fruity flavor, dark coco, and chili! OH SO GOD!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

One of The Chicks is Dieing :'-(

One of the chicks seems sick and is not gonna make it till tomorrow :'-(

Chick died :-(

More Faloodeh

I went again to Marafie yesterday and got some more faloodeh and saffron ice cream.
It is located on Al Hilali St... I mean Al Shuhada now (the name changed after the invasion but I still refer to it as Al Hilali) opposite the fire station and below Baba Taher Restaurant. Their phone # is 2242-7866/77

Al Tahalof Youtube Channel

To watch the rest of the videos, click here!

Thanks Dana :-)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Cairo - Part IV

The Religion Compound - Old Cairo

When we were almost done with our wonderful meal at Abou El Seid Restaurant, our driver "Ahmed I" called and said that "Ahmed II" will resume his duty as a driver for us instead of him. Apparently all along, Ahmed II was supposed to be the driver we arranged from Kuwait so we were like... Okay! What the hey! After paying, we called him and he picked us up.

A big guy, talkative, know-it-all kinda man, funny, and helpful! That was the impression he gave that day :-) I was happy because he seems to be more of a people's person than Ahmed I.

Ahmed II: So where do you wanna go?
Ansam: The Religious Compound or the Egyptian Museum??
Ahmed II: The Compound. You dont have time for the museum because it will close in an hour.
Ansam: Sure... lets go :-D

The Religious Compound is one of the projects to be looked at since a lot of restorations are taking place. I hope the authorities there take extra good care of the place, because its rich in flavor and multi cultured. It contains all of the three main religions; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The majority of worship houses were churches...

I went to The Hanging Church, passed by a Nunnery, Church of the Virgin, Mari Girgis Church, Amr Ibn Alas Mosque, and the Synagogue. Both the Coptic and Greek churches and the Coptic Museum were closed :-(

It was very interesting to be in all those places and observe different methods for prayer to the same God. Very overwhelming too. I went into a souvenir store and snapped away many pictures as well. I was so looking forward to go to all and every part of the compound, but some places were closed :-(

As I walked into Amr Ibn Alas, I put a shawl on my head, took off my shoes, and handed them to the guard. He smiled and said a little prayer for me... it was prayers time and so wonderful to be there at this time.. People were inside; some reading Quran, others preparing to pray... and he asked

Guard: Where come you from?
Ansam: Kuwait
Guard: You speak Araby?
Ansam: Yes

And he started saying how Kuwaitis and Egyptians are like one and that I should consider myself home. He was very sweet. So we go in, walk around, snap some pictures and head out...

A quick note, I usually leave my bag in the car when I am making quick stops and carry cash in all of my pockets... 20 here, 50 there, and so on. So as I was heading back to the guard to take my shoes, he asks for donations.. I put my hands in one of my pocket and was like whatever comes out of the pocket will be his... I get out EGP25 and smile while putting it in the box and he goes...

Ansam: Excuse me??
Guard: You are Kuwaiti? Is that all you got to give?
Ansam: ??????
Guard: I expect much more from you! You are rich you are Kuwaiti.. EGP10 is all you got! WHATTA SHAME!
Ansam: EXCUSE ME SIR! First of all I did not hand in EGP10... and secondly I dont carry much cash with me, and dont you judge me like that!! GRRRR

I stormed out! Should I not say that I am Kuwaiti!!

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4-Year Old Shakira

Again.. with the Britain's Got Talent Fever... My mom sent me this

Dinner Last Night ;-)

Persian Night turned into Middle Eastern Night.... nevertheless, all dishes were so good and yummy :-D I ate SO MUCH! Hahahaha

Ohhh and I found a Faloodeh place in Sharq. The place is called Marafie, and its in the same building of Baba Taher and across the street from the fire station next to Arraya Mall. I ended up buying faloodeh and saffron ice cream with lemon and pomegranate syrup.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sorry! Wrong Number!!!

I was reading the newspapers yesterday and stumbled on a picture of one of my friends from high school...

I text-message her;

"Looking good in X Newspaper"

She replies;

"In your eyes/view I do... I hope you are proud of me and looking up to me always"

-Some of it is lost in translation, oh and the message was directed to hmmm ummmm a MALE-

I reply;

"Its me... Ansam"

And no reply yet from her!

OK, so beside the fact that I know she did not have me in her contacts' list, what do you think?


I am invited to dinner tomorrow (technically today :-P) at a friend's house.... it is not very unusual of my friends and I to have "theme" dinners! Tomorrow's theme is gonna be "A Persian Night" and we are having Persian food *YUMMM*

I was thinking about bringing some Faloodeh with me... I know a place in Kuwait City *Boftain* that sells it, but are there any other options you know of?

Otherwise, I will just get some saffron ice cream from Ice Cream World!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three Simple Recipes :-)

I cooked three simple super easy recipes yesterday with a FB friend :-) It was so much fun. I just wanted to share the recipes with you all.... They are on my FB Group: Ansam's Kitchen.

1. Almost Mashed Potato Salad
2 medium sized potatoes - cubed and left in salted water for a while
1 large celery stick - sliced
1 scallion (spring onions) bulb - chopped
4 table spoons ranch dressing

Bring water to boil, add potatoes on medium heat until cooked
In a bowl mix all of the ingredients, mashing the potatoes a little

2. Stuffed Mushrooms
8 Giant Holland mushrooms - Stems removed and chopped (only stems)
18 small hotdogs (the really small ones or 6 regular sized) - chopped
Pasta sauce
Mozzarella cheese
2 limes - juiced

In an oven tray place the mushrooms, stuff them with the hotdogs and chopped stems. Cover with tomato pasta sauce and cheese. Drizzle with olive oil and place in the oven until its cooked and cheese fully melted (170C for 30 mins)

3. Spicy Chicken with Sun-dried Toamtoes
4 chicken breast cut into smaller pieces
Mixed spices (pepper, salt, garlic, citrus)
1 lime juice
1/3 cup balsamic
Sun-dried tomatoes
4 tbs olive oil (two for marinade and 2 for frying)
1/4 onion - chopped

In a bowl mix balsamic, oil, spices, lime, and chicken. Let it marinate in the fridge. In a frying pan heat some olive oil and add onion until caramelized. Add the chicken but do not fully cook it (like for a minute) then remove from stove, and place it in an oven tray. Add the marinade and cook in the oven (170 - 40 mins) adding the sun dried tomato after 30 minutes.


PS: I know... I know, PICTURE QUALITY IS BAD :-( I was told by my friend to wait till after the elections for that cameras now are expensive... So I shall wait and see :-S

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Your Input Please

Describe me in a couple of sentences and also write your impression about me.
Be brief but clear too. This is not a tag, its something I am working on and I need your feedback on it please ;-)

Solar Storm Warning

I was reading AlRai Newspaper and on the last page there was this article about a Solar Storm in the summer of 2012. I searched more about it and found this link on FOXNews.com

Wok Master

I had a meeting after work in Segafredo of Dar AlAwadi.... It is not the first time we have a meeting there, and best thing about this cafe is that they leave you alone without taking your order. You actually have to call them to your table if you want something to eat/drink... and since we are always busy looking into the laptop screen and paperwork, they assume that we are just "using" their chairs... which is mostly the case hahaha! I was starving, but I was in the mood for some Chinese!

I got home at around 5:10PM and ordered from Wok Master right away... I simply LOVE their food so much :-) I order sweet corn soup, sweet & sour chicken, and Singaporean noodles! *Again, sorry for the picture quality.... no I did not buy a camera yet!*

Daddy's Girl... are those the Chinese boxes you are looking for? :-P

Wok Master
Tel # 2575-0081

Monday, April 20, 2009


So I am just posting random status updates on my twitter!
Is that how its suppose to work? :-P


"Teaboy sitting by staircase, not far from me, keeps spraying F#### air freshener every five minutes! Is he farting? Im suffocating :'-( HELP"

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I was chillaxing in my room when my sisters asked me to come down to the basement, they were gonna play a movie or something...

I enter the room in the basement and they look at me all smiles, I knew there was something other than the "movie"! As I walked towards the coach I saw a lil cage and I was like...

"Come on tell me! What is it?"

They all started to laugh! I look and I find two chicks ;-D one was on the coffee table, and one was sitting quietly in my sister's hands!

Scattered Thoughts

This is gonna be one random post! Hahaha

1. I have been having Coffee Republic for every day of the week last week, and I ordered again today!

2. I was coughing so much last night that I took my pectoral bottle and drank out of it directly (I may have overdosed but I was desperate too LOL), I go back to sleep right away... and wake up again after a couple of hours and start coughing more... I am at work and still coughing! Any remedies you wanna share? BE MY GUEST!

3. I have almost lost a couple of senses :-P hearing and smelling :-P (yes, I am STILL suffering with the flu and flu aftermath)... despite all that, I almost fainted in the elevator! I was with a couple of people and I got stuck the longest with the smelliest person ever! The thing with the elevators at work is that you punch in the number of your floor before going in, so there was literally no way out... my eyes became watery, I coughed a lot and covered my nose and started to turn blue (I work on the 17th floor)!

4. My best friend got engaged :-D *YAAAY*

5. I need to have a massage, but I'm so busy that I have all afternoons busy this week! Ughhhh! I only have today and still I did not book an appointment! What am I waiting for? Really?

6. Is it so bad that sometimes I have to (HAVE TO) plan my day ahead and I work on the hour to meet all the "to dos" on my day, that if something so little comes up, my plans go into chaos! Did that make any sense? Well last Thursday I had back-to-back plans, plus I always miss lunch at my uncle's so I just leave after work and catch up with them on dessert or so... but a meeting came up, and I left work at almost 5:00PM and I skipped my uncle's house but still could not make it to my friend's reception :-( Yeah because I had to do so many things that afternoon :-(

7. Twitter seems to be fun so far! I am still clueless though about many things.

8. On May 18th, ahme... my birthday, I am leaving blogger! Yes, I have made up my mind!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I have just created a new Twitter under new name Ansam518
I have previously created one Twitter for Ansam's Kitchen.... but I closed that account! Wasn't active on it much...
Will see how this one goes :-P

How Did I Miss It!!

My Blog's Second Birthday! - April 15th

Friday, April 17, 2009

Cairo - Part III

After we were done with the Great Pyramids (I wish I had more time to see the pyramids at sunset and at night) but it was a very short trip, and we were always on the go. After hearing so much about Abou El Seid restaurant, we decided to have lunch there... we were STARVING!

The restaurant is located in Zamalek area on the famous 26th July St. The place was almost full that I was afraid they wont let us in without reservations, but since its a place mostly for the hip and young people, and many many tourists, they found us a table which was amazing.

The place looked very interesting! Dimmed lights, cozy, home like, classical furniture with marble tables, wooden window shutters (mashrabiya) background music of Abdulhaleem and Fairuz, friendly staff, and tasty food! Absolutely fabulous! Oh and their restrooms signs are of famous celebrities! Of course a male and a female one ;-)

Many people asked me to try their famous stuffed pigeons, but I am not a fan! So I decided to go with their next best thing, Milokhiya! Its a green leaf kind of vegetable cooked with onions and spices and is so damn good! We also went with many other dishes; Sharkasiya (shreds of chicken with nuts on rice and covered in gravy-like sauce), Kushari (must must must), and okrah stew. I honestly do recommend ALL of those dishes, the best I have tasted in Cairo... taste was very authentic and original....not to mention their very reasonable prices!

Towards the end, the waiter told me that they are opening a branch in Kuwait... and when they do, I am gonna dine there regularly if it was as good as the one we tried!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

IVR - Again

I received another email today about something I posted some time ago regarding Zain's IVR. Wonder if its true!

Thanks Zona ;-)

Smoking - Drugs Awareness Campaign

Thanks Scorpion ;-)

Bloody Fantastic!

This is an amazing video! I did not expect that AT ALL :-)
Too bad I did not find a video that I can embed!

Just click on the link below..... enjoy!

Old Susan Boyle talented at 47 (and that is just one side of her) performance for Britain's Got Talent!

Thanks Dalia ;-)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Totally Fish - Avenues

I was at Totally Fish - Avenues earlier... LOVED IT! The atmosphere, the service, the food :-) ALl good. Enjoy the pics*;
1. Maldives
2. Clams and mussels (for some reasons the clams are not showing in this pic!!)
3. Fish and chips
4. Canadian Lobster
5. Sea Bass

You can read my previous post about it here.

*I did not buy a camera yet, sorry for the picture quality *phone* I tried ;-)

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