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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Saudi Street Fighters

Thanks Sara :-)

PS: I guess I am still blogstipated!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Streak of Bad Incident... GONE!

I had an unbroken series of bad incidents... car accident, health issues, work and stress, bad mood....... I think its gone!

My friend got married last Friday, got my car yesterday, which is less than two weeks of work after my accident (a record for my dealer bodyshop/garage), and I feel that I am happier somehow!

Still have to deal with some stuff... the aftermath of the "bad incidents" but I am going against my "I feel awful" mood!

So yeah, I am back :-) I will be -hopefully- posting more now :-D


Thursday, January 15, 2009


More bad news flowing my way! I am just waiting for this week to end :-S I need to clear my head and think happy thoughts! For that my readers... I may not be around as much (in posting here or reading and commenting on your blogs)


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Car Accident!

I was driving on third ring road last Sunday heading east and waiting at the traffic light on that bridge of Rawda-Nuzha X Hawalli-Qadsiya... The light turns yellow... then red, and after wee seconds it turns green for us to drive forward. I was in the middle lane, a bus to my right, and GMC-brand car on my left. Since I have the smallest car I was a little bit ahead of them when we drove off... another SUV suddenly decides to cross the red light from the opposite lanes and speed off towards South Highway 40.... Everyone starts honking from that side, but to me all I saw is a car in front of me... I slammed on my brakes but I hit the car anyway! I could not avoid it no matter what!

I went deaf for a moment, my mouth felt very dry! I am checking myself... am I OK!? Yes I am I look left and right... where is that SUV that appeared out of nowhere!! There I see it, is he gonna run away... I check his plates, I try to memorize the numbers! Cars are slowly driving by me and looking/staring at me! I gather my strength and drive a bit forward and turn on my flashing lights... I get out of the car, while I look to check the SUV I cant see it anymore... I go to the front and my car is damaged :'-(

I see someone approaching me... running towards me! Its the SUV driver.. I think!!

SUV: I'm so so so sorry! I know its my mistake! I know I run a red light... but are you OK? Are you hurt?
Ansam: I'm fine.... are you OK? What were you thinking?
SUV: Sorry, I wasn't thinking I was on the phone... I wasn't paying attention.
Ansam: Are you for real!!!! On the phone while driving! Thats not even legal!!! (I did not have anything else to say!)
SUV: I know, I know... Sorry! I am calling the police now

I walk back to my car to get my phone and call my dad.... Then I hear someone..


I look and its a young man on the opposite lane waving at me... he runs towards me, and asks if I was OK? And then tried to calm me down and telling me that he saw the whole thing and that he is furious. He checks my car, asks me to turn it off... and goes to the SUV driver.

I call my dad, and I tell him: "Dad.. I am fine, 100% fine, but I had an accident". My dad is on his way to me. Good!

The other guy who witnessed the whole thing comes back to me with the SUV driver, and gives out his phone number to both of us since he saw the whole thing. His name is HB. He again tries to calm me down and telling me that he will stick around until my father gets here.

My father arrived and rushed to my car... checked if I was OK, and then went to talk to the SUV driver and HB. The traffic police arrived shortly after to draw a little sketch of the accident. Listen to both, the SUV driver and HB... So he got the story that when he came to me he just asked me if I was fine! I answered: "I am OK" and smiled!

I guess they were all waiting for me to cry LOL!

We had to drive to a nearby police station... HB came to say bye, and again told us to just give him a call if we needed a witness. He was really nice.

At the police station... a place I hate to be in "JUST HATE" to be in... Remember my previous accident post? I just dont get the system or how insurance works, even if you are fully covered. Well... anyway, while we had to wait for the investigator I was asked to wait in a room... and right there, when I was alone I broke into tears! My dad came in and calmed me down, gave me some tissues... I did calm down after a minute! I guess I just needed to let out some!

We go in and the police take the SUV driver side of the story... I must say again he is one decent and honest man. They did not even ask me to speak out! The story was well said. In this case, that SUV driver is in serious trouble.. Red light? Phone? Accident? I really feel bad but I am too angry to just let it go! Being polite and nice doesnt give you the right to #### up somene's day! So the best we could do is do it on personal level rather than going to court and such! He told us that he was willing to pay for the damages. My insurance was full coverage, his was liability! My rights with the police station to file a case were reserved for few days in case he fails to pay.

Next day we go to the workshop and guess what!? They estimation was high... a KD1,930 high! Yeah yeah! My car is 2009, brand new, and all parts are expensive!

So yesterday we go to the police station and turn out the amount is too high for him to afford :-( and so we have to go through our awesome systems and bureaucracies. One thing that I will add to the corrupted police system we have in Kuwait was the investigator's suggestion... That is to sign on a paper that says Mr. SUV driver did not cross the red light to save him from the major consequences of that act... Which will automatically make the whole accident my fault since he was driving and "did NOT cross the red light" and I just BANG! Beautiful! Ain't it? Ahhhh and lets not just say that I did not make a big deal of mentioning that he was talking on the phone!!! Whatta system!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

MY BABY......

IS HURT :'-(

Another Isaac Story!

I have written about our driver, Isaac, before... And guess what? Something -some annoying thing-happened earlier last week and I thought of blogging about it!

My sister, M, sent Isaac to Hawalli to get something for her friend and asked him to call her once he's done.

Isaac: I bought the thing you asked for
M: Cool, now just go to my friend S's house, its located in... (she was giving him directions) and call me from there to make sure its S's house :-)
Isaac: OK

Isaac reaches S's house and calls my sister... he is sometimes so robot-like that you have to give him the step-by-step directions.

Isaac: OK I am there
M: Ring the bell!!!!
Isaac: OK

*Ding Dong*

M: Ask if its S's house
Isaac: OK

A man, S's husband, opens the door...

Isaac: Hello, Is this S's house?
Husband: Yes
Isaac: Here talk on the phone please
Husband: Hello?
M: Hello!!! I am M... S's friend (Wondering why Isaac did that!!!)
Husband: Yes yes, hello how are you?
M: I am good... How are you?
Husband: I am fine.
M: OK I just wanted to make sure that the driver reached your place.. the correct place
Husband: Yes it is. Thanks :-)

The husband hands the phone back to Isaac

Isaac: OK done?
M: Yes.. Thats the house, thanks

*After 20 mins*

The driver is back with the stuff that he bought from Hawalli and that he was supposed to hand in to S's husband!!!!

M: NO NO!!! Send it back! Why did Isaac bring it home! WHY!

M sends Isaac back! And he "SUCCESSFULLY" delivers it! *phew*

I never... NEVER thought someone can be so robotic to the point where they want to be spoon fed with detailed procedures on what to do!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


As I was driving North on Gulf Road earlier this afternoon... A white car was swerving between cars.. the driver was a total idiot/maniac and was recklessly driving. Suddenly his car hit another on the same road, but he just sped off! A total hit and run in the day light! Nice! I was able to spot his plate numbers and it was too late for me to stop and aid the other car, so I just called 777...

First time the line got disconnected after ringing more than four times..
I redialed and finally I got an answer... a very "helpful" lady!

777: Hello, how can I help you?
Me: Hello.. I hope all is well, I was driving on Gulf Rd between............ (I told her the story)
777: And?
Me: Nothing, I am just reporting an accident that I witnessed and I have the plate numbers?
777: What do you want me to do with the plate number?
Me: Excuse me?
777: The people involved in the accident should go to the police station!
Me: It was a hit and run!!!!
777: Sorry, but I cant take the plate number and I cant do anything about it
Me: OK! Thanks!!!
777: You're welcome


Thursday, January 8, 2009


I recently bought one of those 100-ways-to-wear skirt from SILKERI when she reserved a booth during FIVE60's Flea Market last December.

Kerry, who sells those skirts (along with other silk and cashmere collections) was so helpful and so nice. She would show us on the mannequin the different ways to wear that wrap skirt.... and her prices are competitive! I think the skirts' prices run from KD15 up, depending on the silk they have. Mine was 80% silk and was about KD18-20. Its a steal! To add to all this, Kerry said with all the new regulation laws for the weights on luggage when you travel.. you have ONE piece that can serve you up in 100 ways! Cool or what?

I found a couple of videos on youtube about the same skirts (it comes in three lengths) SILKERI sells, just so you have an idea about it....


SILKERI will be available at the AUK Bazaar this Saturday - January 10th from 9:00AM to 5:00PM and will display those beautiful silk skirts + dresses + NEW cashmere collection which consists of hooded sequined light jackets and shorts and cashmere satin lined skirts!

Also, know that hosting a Silkeri home party is simple and exciting :-)
All you need to do is invite 10+ of your family members or friends and let each one create their own style... In doing so, the host can receive a Silkeri wear for free when a certain number of guests buy from the collection.

For more info... email silkeriq8@gmail.com

Shoes in Sharq

After reading Jewaira's "Have My Shoe!" I recalled that I have seen some shoes (a pile of shoes) on the ground near the parking lot we use at work! So I told Jewaira that I will post some pictures about it. Jewaira was wondering if it was part of the phenomenon! What do you all think?

For Gaza

As received by email...

And yes if you are wondering! I thought to myself.. .why not? So I dialed a number randomly as specified and spoke to an old man. I told him that they were in our prayers and he told me the situation is bad, really bad... People are dying, but they believe in God. We talked for about 3 minutes. He was such a nice brave and calm man.... and I really hope my call helped!

Please check below (the email I received about it)

I have contacted many numbers in Gaza myself, Please call, see for yourself, who ever answers your call.
They are brave people, their voices are full of confidence.
Ring, Please do it, you will feel good, you will make someone there knows that you are thinking of him.

Good luck.

Thanks a lot.


# # ## # 00970828

Khan Yunis

# # # ## 00970820


# # ## # 00970821

Gaza Central

# # ## # 00970825

(تضامناً مع غزة أهل الكرامة والعزة)

من الأساليب التي تستخدمها إسرائيل والشعب اليهودي في هذه الأيام تهديد الفلسطينيين عامة وأهل غزة خاصة,الهدف من هذه التهديدات كسر شوكت الفلسطيني وكسر المقاومه وركوع الشعب الفلسطيني للصهاينه,وهذه التهديدات ليست عن طريق الإعلام أو عن طريق ألإنترنت بل عن طريق الاتصال على التلفونات الثابته لأهل غزة في بيوتهم من قبل الشعب اليهودي ويهددونهم يوميا بعشرات الاتصالات

كيف نرد على هذه التهديدات الصهيونيه؟؟؟ ورفع معنويات اهل غزة؟؟؟

الطريقه هي الاتيه :

ما عليك إلا أن تتصل على رقم في غزة أو خان يونس أو رفح أو المنطقة الوسطى من غزة، وتخبره أننا ندعو لهم في صلواتنا وتصبرهم وأننا معهم قلباً وقالباً ونعزيهم في موتاهم وأن يتقبل الله منهم الشهداء.....

الارقام التاليه فتح خطوط قطاع غزة وخان يونس ورفح والوسطى من غزة أدخل رقم فتح المدينه كما هو ظاهر وبعدها أضف خمسة أرقام عشوائيه,,,,

قطاع غزة:

# # ## # 00970828

خان يونس:

# # # ## 00970820

رفح :

# # ## # 00970821

الوسطى من غزة:

# # ## # 00970825

وعند اتصالك ربما يرد عليك طفل او امرأة او اي كان فأخبره بإسمك وباسم بلدك وأسأله عن الأوضاع والله لتندهش من الوضع الذي سيقوله لك,وكيف انهم صابرين وبهذه الطريقة أنت وقفت بجانب أهلنا في غزة وواسيتهم في مصيبتهم.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mecca Trip - Last Part

Overall... the trip was overwhelming! I prayed a lot to come back and visit. I hope I can make it next year for Haj (after that the weather is gonna be HOT HOT for Haj season).

Every time I pray now I get this feeling that I am facing Kaaba now (its visual now) :-D

The only downside to all of this that I came back sick. I got sick the day after we arrived, and I totally ignored it. I went to work for a couple of days, and was asked by one of the managers to go home and rest, but wanted to act all macho hehehe.... but what the hey!! I am only a human!!
I went to the doctor yesterday who ended up giving me a two-day sick leave... he said I needed to rest. And so I did, because I find it hard to move out of bed. I feel so weak that my bones are hurting! I guess I was exposed to people from all over and my immune system is kind of weak... so go figure... but the whole trip is worth it! I am looking forward for the next one already :-D

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We Suffer with the Palestinian People!

Mecca Trip - Part III

This post is about food! Heehee!! Well, for the three days we were there... and after each Fajr prayers, we would go have breakfast at our hotel. The buffet was amazing and the service is superb. They have all kinds of bread, eggs, cheese, deli cut meats, hotdogs, beans, fruit (dried and fresh), waffles, pancakes... and more!

Besides the hotel (where we ate breakfast in the hotel daily, and ordered dinner for room service), we went once for Al Shuhada Hotel lunch. It wasnt bad at all... but I fell in love with their ginger pumpkin soup... it actually was why we wanted to try their lunch! I will try to improvise a recipe for Ansam's Kitchen.

I also tried spaghetti bologenese in our hotel and wasnt impressed by it... but the burger I ordered the next day was awesome! I ordered a kids' meal burger and it was filling.

Starbucks is segregated there for singles and families... singles being males?!? And the logo is also different... Islamic authorities changed it there. I laughed because the mermaid (or Esther as so many mulims claim) was sunk into the water and only her crown was revealed LOL!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Did 6alabat Charges Go Up?

I ordered from 6alabat earlier and noticed their delivery charge went to 0.300 from 0.200! Since when? 2009? Anyone knows?

Mecca Trip - Part II

So we stayed at Dar Al Tawhid... which is literally few steps away from the Haram. The second picture shows how close it is since I snapped it when I got out of the hotel. Since we were there for three nights, we did have few hours to walk around and shop.

I would suggest that you wear a messenger bag. It makes it easier for you... and since there a lot of poor people from all over that will beg for money, I recommend you do what I did. I would ask the reception in the hotel for SAR-Ones' notes... roll every three or two together and have easy access to! When you give money to one, more will run towards you and you just dont want to send them away sometimes or open your wallet/purse while they are next to you.

Walking around and about Mecca was pretty interesting. I tell you, during prayers or Tawaf... you hear the same prayers, a lot of which in Arabic... but in different accents. You see people from all over the world and from all social classes are all doing the same thing. We all turned the same direction for prayers..... The experience was surreal.

Looking at the pictures I snapped away... I got comments like "Ansam.. you acted like a tourist!" or "Are you for real?" Well, yes... I was a tourist and I am for real. I was astonished by the surroundings... at some sights I laughed so hard that my sister(s) helped me take pictures because I couldnt..... where at others I cried or stood speechless! At some points I would just stare at Ka'ba and admire its beauty and the embroidery of its cover, and think of the history it holds... It was built first by Adam and his son Seth, then by Abraham and Ishmael... Thats History! And the gate of heaven is directly above it! Oh and the Black stone on one of its corners... I was practically in the holiest city in Islam! It really was overwhelming experience for me, and I am definitely looking forward for the next one.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tuna Salad

I got inspired to make this salad after reading about it on Q8Diet.
Thanks Dr. Dhari :-D

Facebook users can find more recipes here!

2 medium size cucumbers, sliced
10 Cherry tomatoes, halved
1/2 medium size red bell pepper, chopped into small pieces
1/2 medium size yellow bell pepper, chopped into small pieces
Hand-full cilantro leaves
2 cups cooked pasta (I used 2 colors organic pasta)
1 can white tuna

3 tbs olive oil
3 tbs balsamic
1/2 lemon, juiced
2 tbs Dijon mustard

Cook pasta as directed on the packet, then rinse with cold water and mix with the above ingredients. Add dressing. You can eat it right away or leave it in the fridge for a maximum of ONE day :-D


Mecca Trip - Part I

Our family decided to start 2009 in Mecca to perform Omra (too bad not all of them were able to make it). Anyways... I started buying things for the trip a couple of days in advance (such as Abayas and Hijabs... and such) I was so excited.. my heart was racing most of the time, words cannot explain how I felt. The day came, it was Dec 31st... the last day of the year and one of my sister's birthday too. We headed to the airport and my dad was lecturing us on what to do, what to expect, what to avoid.... etc! I felt like a kid, so excited and so anxious (since the only time I have been there before was looong time ago when I was only 10) so this was practically my first time :-D I assumed Ihram in Kuwait and was set to go :-)

We reached the "Miqat" and started saying the prayers to God... that we are going to Omra! It was surreal... I tried to memorize things as much as I could. We reached Jedda and took the ride to our hotel...

Guess what? I switched my mobile on and received a welcoming message at "5:18" :-P Got to the hotel, and one of our rooms' number was 518!!!!!

We reached the Haram during Isha'a prayers and so we had to pray before starting Omra. As I was walking into the Haram... I said the prayers I memorized from my father and the booklets I got. I prayed for heaven's gate to open up for me. We had to seperate (my dad went in, while us the females prayed in a different section)... .right after prayers my dad came, and as I was approaching the Ka'aba my eyes were full of tears!

We did the Tawaf (seven rounds), prayed behind The Station Abraham (Maqam Ibrahim), drank zamzam water and headed to Alsafa & Almarwa and went back and forth seven times (a re-enactment of Hagar's frantic search for water).. after all that, we trimmed our hair... with all of this, I have completed my Omra and went out of Ihram state :-D

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I am BACK In Town!

Hi readers! Whats up? Hows 2009? I am loving it :-D I had a very VERY good start :-D
Will tell you all about my trip (with pictures) soon.... But can you guess -besides those who already know- where I spent my time off?

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