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Friday, April 17, 2009

Cairo - Part III

After we were done with the Great Pyramids (I wish I had more time to see the pyramids at sunset and at night) but it was a very short trip, and we were always on the go. After hearing so much about Abou El Seid restaurant, we decided to have lunch there... we were STARVING!

The restaurant is located in Zamalek area on the famous 26th July St. The place was almost full that I was afraid they wont let us in without reservations, but since its a place mostly for the hip and young people, and many many tourists, they found us a table which was amazing.

The place looked very interesting! Dimmed lights, cozy, home like, classical furniture with marble tables, wooden window shutters (mashrabiya) background music of Abdulhaleem and Fairuz, friendly staff, and tasty food! Absolutely fabulous! Oh and their restrooms signs are of famous celebrities! Of course a male and a female one ;-)

Many people asked me to try their famous stuffed pigeons, but I am not a fan! So I decided to go with their next best thing, Milokhiya! Its a green leaf kind of vegetable cooked with onions and spices and is so damn good! We also went with many other dishes; Sharkasiya (shreds of chicken with nuts on rice and covered in gravy-like sauce), Kushari (must must must), and okrah stew. I honestly do recommend ALL of those dishes, the best I have tasted in Cairo... taste was very authentic and original....not to mention their very reasonable prices!

Towards the end, the waiter told me that they are opening a branch in Kuwait... and when they do, I am gonna dine there regularly if it was as good as the one we tried!

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Fastidious Babe said...

loved the shots! x

Daddy's Girl said...

oooooooh koshary ...i <3 itttt

3leech ib alf 3afiya... awal ma yefta7 in q8 goleelee ok?

3ad ommy itgool pigeons are amazing, the best tasting bird ever, the other day she was saying that o i say something like "why on earth would any one eat a pigeon and i can never eat one ever!!!" ya rabi they are too pretty!

and she replies "well, it was ur favourite food as a child - i grew up there, until i was 5- you ate endless pigeons and u would not get enough of them"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


but i guess it does mean something, for one thing, i was told as a child i was so picky and would not eat -still am picky-... then i could never eat chicken because they are filled with zofar taste... now matter how well it's cooked... i guess by eating pigeons the chiken taste does not satisfy me anymore :p

DD said...

i can't stand molokhya bas 3aleech bel3afya. i love koshari and the place looks amazing

Ansam said...

Thanks :-D

Daddy's Girl-
Alla ye3afeech. I never had pigeons and I am not interested to try'em out... because they are friggin pigeons! I dont see them pretty at all :-S

Yeah its an amazing restaurant :-) I miss their food SO MUCH

Unknown said...

ok ok ! sorry to say that but once ina ga3deen nakil bil ma63am hatha ! wela ezhewey weyanaa bil 6awla madry min 3azma wala !!
il moshkila ena kashenaaaah oo kamalna akil :>

MahaLearning said...

great shots! really loved them!

Ansam said...

elyoo3 kafir :-P

Thanks :-)

Web Weaver said...

God! I miss Egypt!!! Evey time you post your trips diary, I yearn to go there!!!
3aliach bl 3afiya!
No... never would try pigeons as much as I've been there. But I don't mind living on Kushari for the whole trip.
Do you think when it opens here in Kuwait it will have the same feel to it? The sounds in the streets, the smells, the humor of the waiter, and the cocroach on Scorpion's table?

Ansam said...

Web Weaver-
I have more to come for you then hehehe. Alla ye3afeech, I hope it will be the same :-) Minus the roach :-P

eshda3wa said...

i LOVE abo elseeed!

r they really opening in q8?!!


Ansam said...

Thats what the waiter told me :-) I cant wait! I love it too

chandal/danchal!! said...

Dear Ansam, i have enjoyed all cairo episodes and am waiting for episode 4


great blog... Godspeed


Ansam said...

I am glad you like'em... I just feel I am taking forever to finish it.. been super busy

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