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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Heart <3 Shaped Mango

My friend, who knows how BIG of a food lover I am, got me this Mango!
"heart <3" shaped mango? food "lover"!!!! Get it??? heheheheh

Thanks Zoooooooooooon :-*

This is Really Bad!

I cant believe that this steel wool is named "NEGRO"! Made in Germany!

Cloud Gate - Chicago

My manager was showing me this amazing piece of art -sculpture- in Chicago Millennium Park called Cloud Gate, nicknamed the Bean. It is inspired by mercury and made out of stainless steel. You can walk around and under it.

You can read about it more if you click here!

Enjoy the pics -from google's images-

You can also check the Jay Pritzker Pavillion centerpiece of the Millennium Park.

What great displays of public art :-)

OK this is funny, the video below will show towards the end Kefaya and Jenan's dance under the Jay Prtzker Pavillion.... NO comment LOL

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

KiDneys/Liver Dilemma

I know that KiDneys and Liver are different organs! I know that there are two KiDneys and one Liver! I know that they translate (in Arabic) to KabD and kiLa or kiLa and KabD… or hmmm! Or is it the other way around!? The things is that last night I was having a conversation with dad and I told him kiLa (thinking I was talking about Liver) and he interrupts me: KabD!!! Don't you know the difference between the two??

I mean I am not the kind that will go like… oh my English is better than my Arabic. As a matter of fact I was really REALLY good in Arabic classes (excluding grammar) but still managed to get A's in almost -ALMOST- all tests! I also do read Arabic poetry (well more in the past). I still scan through the newspapers, Arabic ones, almost daily. My writing in Arabic deteriorated not because I don't know how to write in Arabic, because I hardly write in Arabic now.. or I mean for the last hmmmmm 13 years? That is a good reason…. Isn't it?

It just annoyed me so much that I mistakenly used kiLa instead of KabD… my reply to dad was: yeah! I mean Liver!!!

Have you noticed why did I capitalized some of the letters? (I ReaLLy DoN'T LiKe To WriTe THiS WaY!) its just because I wanted to give myself a reason… a room to make mistakes, honest mistakes

kiLa and Liver = share L

KiDney and KabD = share K & D

When I speak fast, like without trying to translate in my mind, I say it wrong… but when I do take a minute I will be like yeah, two kila = two kidneys!

Now that also brought another topic…. Dad doesn't like it if I do not express financial terms in Arabic correctly! Sometimes when you learn things… new things, you are most likely to remember them in the language you learned them from… Rights Issue, Bonus Shares, Purchasing Power Parity, GDP, EBIT, Income Statement, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet….. yada yada yada!!! I do really want to know those terms in Arabic.. especially when some companies will only publish them in Arabic… Do any of my readers knows where can I get a good financial dictionary? I am learning them from dad most of the time and hes been really good at it. He would explain them to me thoroughly, although I do know what them mean, but nevertheless… I do appreciate him taking the time to teach'em to me… and I admire him for that since he is self-taught. Yes! My dad is an engineer.

Re: Pizza Express

Three days ago, I received an email from Al Shaya to let me know that they are following up on my problem. Earlier today, I received an email from the Op Manager - Pizza Express. Again, he sent an email with dear Sir or Madam hehehehe I got so used to being called "Sir" by now! hehehehe

Well, anyways... I ended up talking to him on the phone and he turned out to be super professional and nice. He apologized and explained to me the following....

"I would like to apologize also for the waiter handwritten total since our micro system service charge 10% button was disabled that day, and as I checked with supervisor was advised in advance that this charge applies for parties of 8 and above."

"In regards to the 20 % discount, NBK provide 10% on the rewards program and we provide 10% immediate discount, as per the manager that morning the card was new and did not have the logo, yet only the Olympic signs and that confused him and did not determine it was an NBK."

and he actually asked me if NBK Logo was on the card and I said that Mr. Camel along with NBK and alwatani were there, and that I did mention to the waiter the NBK discount before he even swiped the card. Again, he was very understanding about it and promised to make it up for me :-)

Thank you Fadi :-)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gotta Love Ainsley Harriott!

I love the show Ainsley's Meals in Minutes and Ready Steady Cook... and all Ainsley's shows!
I am so in the mood to cook during this long weekend, so stay tuned!

Another Mr. Ansam Post

Remember "Ansam = Male or Female" post... well.... Ops! They did it again!!!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


VERY interesting video.. click here!

McCain: Viagra or Birth Control

I saw this video on my cousin's blog, newsharpoon... HILARIOUS!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Prof Whose 'Last Lecture' Became a Sensation Dies

Randy Pausch died :'-(

PITTSBURGH - Randy Pausch, the Carnegie Mellon University computer scientist whose "last lecture" about facing terminal cancer became an Internet sensation and a best-selling book, died Friday. He was 47.

To read further, click here.

Or check The Last Lecture to know more about Randy!

May his soul rest in peace :'-(

Choowy Goowy Yoomwy!

I overdosed on Choowy Goowy Brownie Bites and Cookies :-S
Got Milk anyone?

Al Shaya Problem!

I was at Kuwait Airport this morning, and as our all time ritual we would eat breakfast there for morning flights... and of course, we picked Pizza Express.

I was buying everyone breakfast and decided to pay with NBK Credit Card, for that you get an instant 20% off your total.

1st issue: the total came up to KWD16.950, and the waiter added KWD1.690 as "Service" charge to it, so I received a handwritten total of KWD18.640

2nd issue: I paid with my card exactly KWD18.640! Where is the instant 20%???

3rd issue: when I asked him about it, he said it will come up later. Later where?? I mean come on! This isnt the first time I pay with my card at Al Shaya restaurants... Instant means instant.

4th issue: when he tried to convince me to redo the transaction without refunding the money! I am sure he wasnt trying to rip me off, he was just purely naive that I was gonna be charged twice, once with the full amount and another with the "instant" discount!

5th issue: why did he write Totele?? ITS TOTAL!!!!! ughhhhh

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I got to work almost exactly on time (I was two minutes early ;-D) and after less than 10 minutes a 24X-XXXX number was calling me... on my work phone

Ansam: Aloo
Isaac: Aloo.. salam alaikom
Ansam: ISAAC????
Isaac: Yes its me.. there is a problem, you see... the maid gave me some money to take
Ansam: Wait wait wait wait.... where did you get this number from?
Isaac: I thought I was calling home?!
Ansam: No!!!! you are calling me at work!! Where did you get this number from Isaac?
Isaac: No problem, no problem.. sorry to bother you.. but there is a problem
Ansam: What problem?
Isaac: I am trying to transfer money but there are missing info...
Ansam: And how can I help you on that????? (still puzzled on how he managed to call me at work)
Isaac: Spelling
Ansam: I dont know the spelling of her name or yours... or any of you at home!
Isaac: What to do now!
Ansam: Isaac!!! I dont carry your passports around all the time... still I dont know why and HOW you managed to call on this number
Ansam: BYE!
Isaac: Bye!!!

HE DID NOT ANSWER MY QUESTION YET! Not even when he picked me up from work! Its Annoyingly freaky!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Were roads today unbelievably empty or what!?
I mean I came to work with Isaac.... the driver, and we call him turtlometer -SLOW DRIVER-, and got to work early that I went to starbucks before going to the office. I usually leave home 7:30-35 and reach work at 7:55 or so. Today I left at 7:40 and got there in less than 10 minutes WITH ISAAC!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Study in Britain

This ad was on page 08 of alrai newspaper - today's issue.
For those who cant read Arabic, the title reads;

To Study in Britain
Makawi Foundation for Academic Affairs

Remember my Outi AKA Makwa AKA Iron post? well "Makawi" is the plural of Makwa (ASS)!!!!

Cleaners (Labor) Strike!

The laborers protest against the so called "terms and conditions" imposed by their employers is really bad... I was at a gas station with my sister, and it was PACKED! We are so used to them being their to help out in filling our cars with gas to the point that when they were on strike the gas station was PACKED with cars because lazy ass people are too lazy to leave their cars in the hot weather and fill it themselves!!!!!

I really feel bad for them :-( For them to come all the way to Kuwait and work their asses off for little or no money at all! This is very corrupted!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I have been playing this game of guessing company logos (130 companies in total)
I got stuck on some of them (pic attached)... I thought I have some of them right, like ING Group and UN... but can you help me with it?


UPDATE: I have the full logo sheet on excel, if you are interested... leave a comment with your email (a comment with your email only... if you have another comment leave a separate/another comment)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Crostini - Again :-)

Today I passed by Crostini again for dinner. I really wanted to have the same order from last time, Spaghetti Bolognese, but resisted and decided to try out something new... I tried their mini burgers this time.
Again we were treated nicely by their very friendly staff, the owner Mr Khaled Al Gharablly came to greet us warmly as usual and checked if we needed anything.

For starters we ordered Three Amigoes. OK! We cheated... since we did order that same dish last time, but come on! ITS REALLY GOOD that it was gone in less than a minute... or two!!! My friend ordered Crostini Club Sandwich and I ordered mini burgers, the American Dream. My order came in and it was three medium sized burgers (not really mini! Yumm!) hehehe. It was different, the beef patties tasted home style. They were juicy and very filling, but I honesly like my spaghetti bolognese from last time much more!

They were nice enough to offer us complimentary dessert.. dark chocolate fondue with assorted fruit and cake... and I got carried away a bit in the end and started showing off my artistic style AGAIN by writing my name with chocolate.

If you would like to see some pictures of my first visit to Crostini, click here.

Crostini is located opposite Al Seif Palace, tel : 247-24606

And yes Hasan B. I do like this area and the restaurants there :-D

Outi AKA Makwa AKA Iron

This conversation (between our driver –Egyptian- and maid –Sri Lankan-) YEARS ago
I don't know why it came to mind… but I cant stop laughing now

Hassan: Nina, eddini el makwa
(I want an iron)
Hassan: 3awiz makwa
(I need an iron)
Nina: enta shino yegool kalam chidi 3eeb!!! Mako e7teraam!
(What are you saying! How rude! I need some respect)
Hassan: allah! Ya bent iddini makwitik besor3a asl ana 3awiz albis wa6la3 besor3a
(God! You woman just give me an iron fast, I need to get ready to go out)
Nina: ana yegool 7ag mama!!!
(I will report you to my madam)

Nina: mama… hada Hassan ejee gool ana aby makwa!
(ma'am.. Hassan came to me and asked me for iron!)
Nina: mama lated7ikeen hada Hassan gool kalam mo zeen chidi
(ma'am dont laugh, Hassan is being rude)
Mom: la 3adi 3a6eeh makwa its ok
(no its ok, just give him an iron)
Nina: *starts crying* la mamaaa mayseeeeeeeeeeeeer
(no ma'am that is not possible)

And then my mom explained it to her… she thought it was a joke for the longest time ever! LOL

For non Arabic-speakers... Iron in Egyptian Dialect is called Makwa, and Makwa in Kuwaiti Dialect translates to ASS!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Miss USA Fall...

Following the trend of 2007... Miss USA fall again!


The "Noor" craze is driving me crazy. I am sometimes forced to sit through it when we have friends over, so I would be surfing the net or do my nails... because I am enjoying the company, but not really into that show. Few nights back I was just sitting with friends and actually saw some clips of the show... its so damn slow, things that can be done in ONE episode of 24 is done in TWENTY-FOUR episode (if not more) in Noor! Its ridiculous! It got on my nerves... so I have only watched one WHOLE episode of the show, the one where Noor shot Whathisname several times, and he DID NOT DIE!!!! he was in a coma!

So last night, a friend came over and she was watching Noor with us. Given my previous history of mocking such shows and annoying the viewers -which I would hate to be in their shoes LOL- I started asking questions, stupid ones... not realizing how annoying or silly they were to my friend... Keep in mind that I used to mistake Noor for her sister in law (they kinda look alike to me!)

Ansam: So is that Mohanad's mom?
Farah: Yes (looking at me with a smile)
Ansam: But she just called Mohannad's grandpa "uncle"!!!!
Farah: Yeah he is his father's father... (still smiling but her eyes were looking directly at the TV screen)
Ansam: Oh I see

the show was still playing?

Ansam: Why are those two always in that same house? Are they related to them?
Farah: Noor brought them with her from the country... (almost a smile)
Ansam: For what?
Farah: They live with them and help them.... (this point she wasnt smiling)
Ansam: My God! How many people live in that same house? The whole extended family
Farah: *smile*

On another clip....

Ansam: Noor just said she is going to visit Noor???? HOW??
Farah: No its a baby girl named after her
Ansam: Ahhhh... ok!!! hmmm

Then another couples were talking

Ansam: Are they related to Noor/Mohannad?
Farah: Yeah they are cousins
Ansam: So everyone is living in that ONE BIG house... how come those two live alone?
Farah: The husband wanted to move out... he is independent!
Ansam: You know what? I better go sleep, I am just annoying you with my questions

...... and no one said anything like, "No its ok! you can stay! watch it with us!!!"


On another note, I was having Raspberry Frappaccino and sipped way too much on one go I got a brain freeze X-(

It was too windy when I left work around 4:30PM today, I swallowed so much dust... I am glad I was holding on to my skirt, although I am sure I looked funny, just to end it with my friend/coworker driving by me as I was walking and making silly faces

LOL again!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Prime & Toast

Earlier today I went with my friend to grab a bite... she knew how much I love spaghetti bolognese and suggested we go to Prime & Toast. It was awesome!

We reached the restaurant at around 6:20pm and no one was in there, so we got their divine attention - very friendly staff I must say :-)

The ambiance was so calm and reminded me a lot of European style restaurants -trattorias- with A4 prints for menus, and awesome background music playing... which added to the atmosphere.

I had my regular mix of lemon, orange, and mint juice and spaghetti bolognese. Although I ordered half portion dish, it was still considerable amount of pasta and served family style. I am very picky when it comes to the sauce itself, the bolognese. I can tell you I was impressed with the taste (not better than my cooking :-P but still... it was awesome). There was this kind of balance between the beef that is cooked in the tomato sauce... The pasta was about right, not too soft and not sticky. I also loved that the sauce did not have large chopped onions that would ruin the flavor and make you miss out on the texture of the real taste! Did that make sense? It did to me! hehehehe! It is truly the BEST spaghetti bolognese in Kuwait!!

Prime & Toast is located in Kuwait City - Mubarakiya- across the street from Seif Palace. They're open 8:00AM - 3:00PM for Breakfast and Brunch, and 6:00PM - 11:50PM for Dinner. Their telephone number is 241-1252

Enjoy the snaps :-D

Friday, July 11, 2008

I am Courage!

I did this interesting Quiz after I read Big Pearl's post :-)

My quiz result...

Your Result: Courage

You are Courage.

Courage is bravery, daring to do what is right in the face of adversity. Courage allows for the triumph of good over evil. "Courage does what must be done no matter what the consequences."


I met Chika, ZaboOo6a, and Powder.... :-)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I have not been driving to work for weeks, and depending on the driver to drop/pick me to/from work! Its very convenient, I even try to ignore the traffic around me by listening to music! Today, because I have some few errands to run, I decided to drive to work... and what happened? I missed the turn leading to the parking lot, mind its been only weeks since I last drove to work! hehehe! So I took what I would call "not the best turn" to make up for the one I missed.

Oh and because of some incidents that have happened in the past, where strange men would make a move at the presence of any lady ALONE in the parking lot, they have designated first floor to be for ladies only, and with three security guards from our company to monitor the area. So I was like sure.. what the hell... I will park my car on this floor and head to the office... and I pass by security listening to LOUD Amro Diab music hehehehe! Some people are in a good mood early in the morning huh?

I reach my desk, and as I am placing my bag on it, I realized I forgot my lunch box, which contains a snack, gum, mints, chap stick, lotion, water, water spray....etc!!!

Ohhh and I ordered from Buongiorno... and guess what! They got my order WRONG! The thing is I LIKE this sandwich when they get it right... and to my personalization/specifications..... But what the hey! I was too hungry that I ate half of it but could not eat it all!

I dont like DILL!
DILL makes my stomach upset
DILL is not appetizing to me
Eggs dont go well with DILL according to my taste buds
I can only tolerate DILL with seafood... and to some extent too
and when I specifically ask for no DILL.... I expect NO DILL! :'-(
Lets just be thankful that they did not cook it with onions, which I also specified in my order!

They offered to send me a new fresh DILL-free sandwich (which is really really nice of them), but my ordered already took about an hour to arrive, so I wont even bother to wait another hour!

Anyway... I left my sandwich unattended in the kitchen for any hungry soul to take... and less than 30 mins later, I received CHOOWY GOOWY cookies for some other expiremental project (MAYBE... I will tell you all about it later...!!!)! THANKS 3wais! Your cookies brought my smile back :-D

LayDeeLay is in Kuwait for few days! YAY! MISSED YOU GIRL! Good to see you again :-*

I have been playing charades with a friend of mine, Suli.... he would send me email mostly of pictures and I have to figure out what is he trying to say... in an effort to minimize gossiping! You think I should do this on the blog? Not a contest, but something new for a change, and not daily! Whadya think?

I also have been looking at old pictures and seeing hidden letters within... so I have decided to crop them and fix them (post below this one)!

Alphabet My Way

My collaborative work ;-)
I was tagged by Grey for a mosaic thingy, but decided to post this instead :-D
Whadya all think?

Sara & Rami Dilemma

Earlier in the day, I was sitting on my desk as I heard what seemed to
be a conversation between three of my co-workers… Eman, Sara, and
Janet. I did not really know what they were talking about, but sounded
like who's doing what in regards to house chores!

Janet, the lady full of wisdom

Eman, married for some years now

Sara… a newlywed ;-)

Apparently Sara started a very blameless conversation of how her and
Rami, her hubby, divide their house chores

Sara: He does the dishes, laundry, garbage, I do the cooking and house cleaning!

Eman: House cleaning as in dusting your dining table?

Sara: Yeah! That is pretty much cleaning!!!

Janet: You wont do his chores if he skips them??

Sara: Nop! I wont… he wont do cooking if I don't cook!!!

Then my manager, Omar, got into the conversation… then other
co-workers! It basically went from three people to seven in less than
10 minutes! I was on my desk laughing hysterically at their
conversation and expressions!

Sara would say the funniest things like "I wont do the dishes, I will
leave them in the sink because its his task and not mine, and when I
need to use them, I will clean only for myself.. like a plate and a
set of silverware for me only" or something like "He is fine with it,
he is enjoying it… he was doing all of these things before we got
married, so it's a plus that I am now cooking and cleaning"

As the day goes by… and around 2:50-3:00PM I pass by to see new
members added to the conversation. Sara was getting too defensive at
this point. So I decided to stick for this round since I missed the
first one, and I asked

Ansam: What if there are dishes piling up in your skin?

Sara: I wouldn't mind… I would rather discuss this with Rami as in
when is he gonna do the dishes, but I wont do it!

Ansam: And you will let the dishes/utensils pile up with no problem?

Sara: yeah!!!!

Then my manager pass by on his way to the pantry and asks: Are you
still discussing Rami/Sara issue?

Janet: Yes… Sara is the hot topic today!

Sara: We are FINE like this!!

Ansam: why don't you get a dishwasher??

Eman (from far away): SHE ALREADY HAVE ONE!!!!

Sara: Its just not my thing! It's Rami's!!!!!!!!

Janet: Talk to me in one year and see how things will turn around!
Like when he comes from work directly to the couch holding the remote
control and tuning in ESPN!!! What will happen then?

Sara: Then lets talk about it next year!

Daniel: Ansam, what side are you on?

Ansam: I am somewhere in between!

Daniel: No! you gotta make up your mind and be on one side

Ansam: Well… What if he's sick? Would you do his chores?

Sara: Yes, and he will do mine if I am sick

Ansam: Well OK then! I don't want to be on any side hehehe!

I walked back to my desk and never heard the rest of it, but I am sure
its gonna surface back up soon hehehehe

Poor Sara, under the spotlight!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Is This For Real?

I am not sure where this incident happened... but its in the region!
This is worse than the crayon picture on Intlxpatr's blog!

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