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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Prime & Toast

Earlier today I went with my friend to grab a bite... she knew how much I love spaghetti bolognese and suggested we go to Prime & Toast. It was awesome!

We reached the restaurant at around 6:20pm and no one was in there, so we got their divine attention - very friendly staff I must say :-)

The ambiance was so calm and reminded me a lot of European style restaurants -trattorias- with A4 prints for menus, and awesome background music playing... which added to the atmosphere.

I had my regular mix of lemon, orange, and mint juice and spaghetti bolognese. Although I ordered half portion dish, it was still considerable amount of pasta and served family style. I am very picky when it comes to the sauce itself, the bolognese. I can tell you I was impressed with the taste (not better than my cooking :-P but still... it was awesome). There was this kind of balance between the beef that is cooked in the tomato sauce... The pasta was about right, not too soft and not sticky. I also loved that the sauce did not have large chopped onions that would ruin the flavor and make you miss out on the texture of the real taste! Did that make sense? It did to me! hehehehe! It is truly the BEST spaghetti bolognese in Kuwait!!

Prime & Toast is located in Kuwait City - Mubarakiya- across the street from Seif Palace. They're open 8:00AM - 3:00PM for Breakfast and Brunch, and 6:00PM - 11:50PM for Dinner. Their telephone number is 241-1252

Enjoy the snaps :-D


Anonymous said...

never tried it, cos i could never figure out what it did, other than toast, but it sounds nice.

just dont go to the burger joint next door. such a disappointment.

NewQ8 Bride said...

i went there once but i didn`t try it coz we didn`t like food when we look at the menu

i guess i will give it a try

Elool said...

I've always wanted to try it !

KTDP said...

I like the place. It took me a while to actually go there simply because I hadn't heard anything good about it.

The food was great, there was lots of variety and the service was pretty prompt.

Ruby Woo said...

I tried their brunch once and it was delish. Their chocolate chip pancakes are to die for. They also had scrumptious sandwiches and egss. Yumm!

Hasan.B said...

Shfech 3l ma6a3em ele thak ilsoub? I tried it for breakfast. It was excellento! The only negative think is that smoking is allowed!!! Its a really SMALL place!! Why would they allow smoking! La o people smoking 3l reyoug!!

Big Pearls said...

never tried it.

Anonymous said...

I tried it twice..usually that place is always empty. I have never seen enough people there..

Unknown said...

I should keep away from ur blog during work !
Sa7tein :)

Squirreliya said...

ansam = food!

that's my conclusion :p

Ansam said...

LOL no they have a full menu....
I love bothe burger joints there! Why was it a disappointment to you?

New Bride-
Well the menu is a piece of paper.. I think they should make a real menu!

Try it :-) it was nice

I liked it too... It was my first time there
I am definitely going again

Ruby Woo-
Brunch is my next trip there

I like that area hehehehe can you tell? I am glad no one is there... its a tiny place and smoke would kill the ambiance there!

Big Pearls-
Maybe you should ;-)

Yeah true, when I pass by... I dont see anyone in there! Could be because I go in times where its not considered lunch nor dinner in Kuwaiti standards!

LOL I will take that as a compliment... 3ala albek :-*

Yep! thats me... I live to eat and not eat to live LOL
Good conclusion!

Grey said...

To be honest with unless there is Curry and Chapati... im not goin to try it !

Anonymous said...

allaaah!! ill go try it out, I luv spaghetti! never found the perfect one yet in Q8 :P

Ansam said...

LOL... good enough!

Theirs is good... there is also a healthy version of spaghetti bolognese next door at Crostini. I wrote a review about it too

Anonymous said...

i went to the movie hankook on thursday, and their main dish is spaghetti! so i had craved spaghetti until i remembered your post...

I went to try it out today. I love their breakfast especially the creme anglais french toast and i love the fact there is none of the flashy staring q8ys over there. Most of the crowd is relaxed and want to dine in peace and quiet.

So i went in today with my husband at three, totally empty except for the two of us! had the spaghetti but with tomatoe sauce (im a vegeterian) and finally satisfied my craving! you are absolutely right! the pasta itself is well cooked and the tomatoe sauce is quite good! and the place is sooo quiet you can do whatever u want even go in wearing your pajamas and know one will care!!!!

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