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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dinner @ Rice

I had dinner with my sister and friend earlier today at Rice and I just wanted to share my experience with you :-) I heard so much about Rice on facebook (Kuwait & Food group) and wanted to give it a shot.

The restaurant is situated in The Avenues Phase II food court right after The Butcher Shop. We got there and chose to sit in the outside area. The place is very inviting, and I loved the rice looking chandeliers, the mix of the so modern looking restaurant with French Country-esque chairs/tables, and very unique way of serving the food in a metal tray... There you have your little metal pot for the rice, a side of yogurt dip or salad, a bowl for your main course, a small bowl for the pickles, and an empty plate for you to eat (well the plate.... not very practical, I hated it). The staff were so quick and so friendly. Bravo!

I ordered the Baby Chicken (I asked them to serve it boneless and they did). My friend ordered Chicken Biryani, while my sister opted for Dawood Basha. My order came with a mixed rice (nuts, ground beef, and rice), yogurt dip, pickles. I got full half way through... their servings are huge and may be enough for two! Non of us could finish it, but all agreed that they were some yummy dishes! I am going again for sure since there were other dishes that I was drooling over (like the okra/bamya stew). I am so looking for my next visit.

Towards the end, they served dessert (fruit salad and Muhalabiya) and Tea. Our bill came close to KD21 which isnt bad at all when you think of the food and portions!


Hasan.B said...

Looks good;/

Anonymous said...

ansam tara ana yo3ana kella mennich!!!!!!!! :@

1001 Nights said...

I'm not much of a rice girl but I was really impressed with it. I had a fish dish which was very very good.

Ansam said...

And it taste good too :-)

LOL... mowahahahaaaa *evil laugh*

1001 Nights-
Me too.. I prefer bread, but that restaurant is amazing and the food is good :-)

NewQ8 Bride said...

walah i loved the food 7ada 7loo :)

Unknown said...

I loved that place !
The truffles risotto was amazing , yet i agree with you regarding the portions since in the two times i went there we shared one order and there was plenty left !

Ansam said...

New Bride-
Me too :-)

I will have to give that one a try hehehe... my next target is marag bamya LOL

DK said...

Shawgeeeeena akthar ma aw9eech ! :p

by the way its 12:37 am :'(

Ansam said...

Mowahahahahahahaaaaa *evillaugh*

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