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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fruits & Passion - II

OK so I took my time to complete this Fruits & Passion review (for Part I click here) to try the products for some time and I love it! I love so many things about those product.... I cant wait to go and buy me other types and scents. I remember once over coffee my friends were talking about such products and in which scents one prefer their products, soaps, candles, lotions, cream..... When it was my turn, I was like fig, ginger, spices.... I did not even finish my sentence and everyone was laughing :-P YES! I was told that I sounded like an old British lady with my taste in that matter...

For example, I would so get the following products;

And you know what? I would keep on going of the things I wanna buy and try from their website! So I better stop here and go back to reviewing :-P

What was left of the products in the basket were a metallic pink bag with shower gel, body cream, and a tiny eau de toilette bottle in Guava & Grapefruit scent. I would have loved it much more without the grapefruit smell. It was so strong that I did not feel the guava, but then again I have the taste of an old British lady!

Now for the remaining products I have Rich Hand Cream and Cream Hand Soap in peach. What can I say?! I loved both so much, specially the hand soap. It really is creamy and is not drying my hands.. a problem I had with my previous hand soap! I honestly felt a difference here :-) Oh and the smell of the peaches is awesome! I wonder how would the green apple soap is like now!

As for the last products I got; the Body Milk Lotion and Foaming Bath Cream (also in peach).. they were as good as the hand cream and soap (creams are usually richer and thicker than lotions. Lotions are more liquidy... just to give you an idea of the main difference between the two products - Click here for more info). The foaming bath followed by the body milk lotion left my skin feeling soft and velvety! My only problem with those two products were the sealing of the product, which was really annoying to open and try... I had to use a Swiss knife, and the neck of the bottle as one of my friends explained as not so easy to apply. Seeing me complaining about such in consequential details would give you an idea of the things I did not like about it... which is basically nothing... its awesome!

After one of my favorite stores closed down in Kuwait, Rituals, I could not find any other store to replace it.... But now I am gonna go ahead and give Fruits & Passion a go and try other products they have since they do cater my "Old British Lady" taste ;-)

For those of you who thought the store closed down, it did not and you can buy stuff from their online store or visit The Candle Light Spa in Al Shaab Seaside. For those of you who never tried their products before, I highly recommend it... they come in wide range of scents and variety of product from body and face to kitchen and ambiance... and more :-)


Bashar said...

I gotta complement your level of details in the review :). Not everyone has them

DD said...

I agree with Bashar... and you really have old British lady taste :P LOOOL cute

Web Weaver said...

Ansam, I have a close friend who recently gave birth, and you know how new mother's feel about themselves after delivery. I was thinking to get her something to lift up her mood and I read your blog! Do the basket comes with the products?

Hamad said...

out of the subject, when will they release bb for wataniya? sorry for the question but i just read your comment in the ads2blog page and thought that u might know by now.

Big Pearls said...

i love ur reviews:)

Ansam said...

Thank you :-)

LOL I do! Hahaha thanks ;-)

Web Weaver-
There are gift vouchers and gift sets on their website... check them out and see :-)

I believe this month

Big Pearls-
Thanks dear :-D

Anonymous said...

So I can shop online and they deliver? How much is the delivery charge?

Haider - Fruits & Passion said...

Dear Ansam,

Thanks once again for your very kind review. Fruits & Passion will be replacing some of their soap heads to make them easier to use, so we'll hopefully have those in future shipments.

And I'm afraid we won't be using "Old British Lady" taste in any of our marketing material. :P

@Web Weaver: Apart from the selection of products we have on the website, we can also make baskets based on your choice of products and price range.

@Anonymous: Yes, you can order online and delivery is free for orders that are 10KD and over (delivery charge is 1KD for orders less than 10KD).

Ansam said...

Thanks Haidar

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