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Monday, June 18, 2007


I was watching TV at my sister's last night when the phone rang.... (The conversation was in Arabic)

Me: Hello

Solicitor: Hello

Me: Yes?

Solicitor: Good evening, how are you?

Me: Fine.. who is this?

Solicitor: Is your mom at home? Or your dad?

Me: No!!! Who is this?

Solicitor: I work along with others on the campaign for rationalizing the consumption of water and electricity.... whos in the house now?

Me: This is my sister's house.. what is it? (I was getting agitated at this point)

Solicitor: OK I will talk to you about it sweetie.... how old are you hun?

Me: 30!!!!!!

Solicitor: OH!! OK!! hahaha (silly laugh).. OK so you tell your sister we call... basically I am going to advice you on the usage of electricity and water at home.. people should start conserving energy, the A/C ideally should be set at 25 C during the day... (blah blah she started giving me statistics... then I had to interrupt her, I was watching a movie and she was annoying me...)

Me: I will let my sister know.. right now I have friends over and I cant be on the phone...

Solicitor: oh.. hmmm ok! thanks anyways

Me: Yeah thanks... bye

Solicitor: Bye

OK so what are they trying to do here... Kuwait is one of the richest countries, and still doing rolling blackouts! This is insane.. and specially during these hot summer months! I am not saying waste energy and leave your lights on or your water running.. I am saying this is Kuwait! We have the money to build a new efficient power plants.. I mean come on!! If not.. the royal bestowal/decree that was given to Kuwaitis twice in the last five years... why not use that money for the good of the people and their country!!! I mean I didnt mind the money at all, I actually liked it, but sometimes when you think of it.. outside the box you wonder why!!

They also can increase the electricity prices (I WOULD LOVE THAT) because its really cheap and people dont care less!! With higher prices, I bet they will be more cautious!

Many options we have, MANY!! But all they think of now is to have rolling blackouts and having people calling you about it!! And 25C during the day!! In June-July-August!! Yeah right!


Confashion said...

It's so sad & pathetic. Plus they should have a better awarness campaign than calling up people. I know they're doing their "best" but it's not good enough..

Ansam said...

True!! I know what you mean

Zahra said...

It depresses me that a country with such resources will be having blackouts and water shortages.

I was discussing this with a friend of mine and she brought up a valid point. Why are they harrassing households (I say harrassing because her house recieved 3 calls) about electricity usage when you see all these malls and buildings that are lit up when it's night and there aren't any employees there? How about the malls that have lights on during daylight hours? There are plenty of more examples but I'll stop rambling ;)

Ansam said...

Yeah exactly.. they actually are harrassing calls!

Tulipa said...

شر البلية ما يضحك

هذا كل اللي اقدر اقوله :|

Ansam said...

heehee sure... its insane I know

Grey said...

Thank God someone is aware of Global Warming ... I suggest you to watch " an inconvinient truth" probably that will change your [reader] point of view . I may sound stupid and silly ... but bitter truth is if we dont save energy now [not just in Kuwait, every country on earth specially the US of A ] in next 100 years Kuwait will be under water for sure ...

Now i feel awkward ....

Aseel said...

I know this is frustrating but what is even more frustrating to me is WHY this is happening!

Do you know? I do .. and it's a HUGE BIG FASHLA!

The answer is our country's diplomats and royal family who only look for their well-being and not the countries.

To be specific a plant was supposed to built to control all the electricity and water to homes etc. instead it was delayed by a former miniter to help make money for his brother by trying to offer his brother's company the project.

Ansam said...

happy wolf-
I am not saying that I'm against saving energy.. I am saying I hate their ways of forcing it! They can use other ways to conserve it.

WOW!! Really?? cant wait to read more about it on your blog

Marzouq said...

First off, if they sent people the bill then some people would pay, if they didn't then they should cut out the power!

Do you that there are maintanance contracts 20 million KD a year for the powerplants but there has been no maintanance done on them, they are all decaying and falling apart!

Secondly it would take 3 years to get a new powerplant up and running!

We are switching off lights and keeping the A/C at low power but still some other people don't care!! When it becomes a monetary issue they will care!!

Ansam said...

I cant agree more

Anonymous said...

There should be awareness in schools. People should have a habit of turning off the lights or TV or any other electrical applicances they do not use. Same with water. People here just don't care. I say increase the prices and let them pay!

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...


Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Ansam? I'm sorry. I know this is off topic but I read a comment you wrote on another site.

you are into Japanese Animations!! Nice!
I am Ranze Eto (from Tokimeki Tunaito) heehee you know her?

What do you mean by that? You did the voice-over for Ranze Eto? Please, please, PLEASE say yes!

P.S. Sorry if I sound so pushy but I love that anime. I NEED to know lol

Ansam said...

Yes :-) Awareness campaigns sounds good.. implementing it from childhood.

LOL you are so cute I swear heehee.
No I didnt do the voice, I am called after her (I used to have the same body and hair with bangs back in high school) One of my friend call me Ranze.. I can do some for you?
1. Shun Makabe Molki Ana!
2. Ya That Al 7ajebain Al Ghaleithain


Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Awww thanks *hugs* 7asafah lol I thought you were the one who did her voice. I know, I know. Stupid mistake... I was prepared to stalk you and everything :P Yalla madamina you used to look like her, I'll stalk you anyway. Deal? :P

1. Shun Makabe Molki Ana!
2. Ya That Al 7ajebain Al Ghaleithain

lol That's good enough for me :P I found this store in Hawally that sells old arabic anime and one of them was Ranze Al-Mudhisha :P

Ansam said...

Deal LOL! Lets see how good you are at this!

Yeah my little sis borrowed them from someone and they were DVDs and it reminded me of the good old times!

That store you are talking about.. do they have'em on DVDs? And where is it!! I want'em!

Anonymous said...

Sun almost year-long, tides pretty good up north near Bobyan, and new natural gas reserves, yet no solar tidal, or gas power plants...what do they do? old polluting oil run powerplants and complain about pollution. Illi yinarfiz akthar ilhailag wilkhamma ili yigi6on zbala bilshare3 - they are zbala that's why :) ma yigdiron yan6iroon 5 digayeg lama you9loon elbait wila mojama3?! The problem is ilawadem 3abalhum ina itha ga66aw bilshare3 mara7 yishofona ya3ny khalas it's gone... mayadron ina it all goes to one big zbala bilbar.

Ansam said...

I know... it annoys me as well.. Last week I was in my car and the traffic was jammed. A guy was in his fancy car simply rolled down his window and threw trash out! I thought he was trash!!

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