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Sunday, June 10, 2007

After Work!

I was heading to my car in the parking after work, and from a distance I saw an orange cone behind my car and the security guard standing next to it with some papers! When I reached my spot, I saw my car! IT WAS HIT FROM THE LEFT CORNER! The car next to me was even in a worse condition! Damaged from the back, owner is Egyptian.. Then the security guard explained the accident to us;

"A Pakistani guy came and hit both cars, the blue car and then the green (mine)! Let me go get his information for you!"

I was so upset! Then came SS, my colleague, who insisted to help me out (Thanks a million buddy, I really appreciate it) and then came MB, who also wanted to stay but I told her to go home, that its already been taken care of cuz I called OT -my long lost brother ;-)- (Thanks a whole bunch, you dont know how much your help meant to me)

Imagine with the police system in Kuwait, you have to do some paper work at one station and finish up in the other, OT and SS did everything for me while I waited in the car (HOW SWEET) and I only had to go in to talk to the inspector and sign some papers.. (This all took over 2 long hours).. let alone that OT had to stay longer to wait for the papers.

I am so upset though!!! I love my car!
This is such a bad start for my week :-(


Amjad said...

I guess you're lucky they informed you that your car was hit.

Many people sometimes hit cars and run away.

Ansam said...

it happened in closed parking lot, and it would be hard for him to run away with security guards there ;-)

I am thankful to God..

So, you are in Oman.. right? How is everything there now? The cyclone and all?

Zahra said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry Ansam! It's an awful thing to happen to your car but at least this happened in a closed parking lot so that the guy couldn't just hit and run. How did he manage to hit both cars??? Is he blind?? Thank God for people who are there for you when you need them! Sounds to me like you need another dose of Little Treats to start your week off right ;)

Ansam said...

Zahra thanks :-)
I am glad I was not in a car accident and the accident happened while I was at work and my car parked!

They guy obviously was speeding in the parking lot, and swerved a bit and managed to hit a car before hitting mine.. The other car is damaged more than mine, and I feel sorry for him! I am just sad now :-(

EniGma said...

but what are you gonna do with this info? Did you take it to the police?

Ansam said...

yeah! over two hours from station to another, they dont do the whole thing in one police station! I already wrote about that in the post!

LayDeeLay said...

Awww..sorry bout ur car gurl...i had this conv wt my bro n a friend t other day...about accidents in parking lots....don't even knw why ppl speed in parking lots...actually..dont knw why they speed at all!..

SS said...
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SS said...

You're most welcome Noosa. After all, how many Noosas do we have... Only ONE!

Ok, so here is the Inside Edition of what happened inside the police stations:
First, we went to the inspector/investigator because the other guy (owner of the blue car aka Khalid Al-Harban) told us we can go directly there and finish all the paper work needed. When we arrived and entered the luxurious 10 star police station where the inspector told us to go to the police station to fill out "the papers", then come back to him. Secondly, we went to the other 9 star station. The first door was locked so we had to walk all around to the side door. Walking in and trying to find our way around OT & myself came across some prison cells. We found the reception/counter to find 3 good looking officers(not Sarcasim). For simplicity's sake I'll call them George C., Brad P. and Nicholas C. George started filling out our papers when suddenly Brad asked George(using his nickname): "Bu Met3eb, taby shay?"... right there and then I looked at OT to find him looking at me. I almost exploded in laughter so I turned around to take a few steps and not laugh in front of the officers. Worth to note is the digital screen behind the counter which had the stations number, the number of the Chief Officer(like he's going to answer all the calls), and some other info. We went to the Chief's room to photo copy the IDs ourselves while George(Bu-Met3eb) waiting next door. We finished everything there, thank our homie bu-met3eb and headed to the door passing by the prison cells again. It was a little wierd finding one guy standing near his prison cell door. The guy looked like a criminal! And the next cell had a lady laying down looking out at us. It was pretty wierd! Now, we went to the inspector at the other station to find him busy with another case. Waiting outside his office, we had I pretty interesting time I would say "what happened there stays there" hehehehe. We finally went in, and he started to look at the papers and for some reason he had some difficulties understanding/comprehending the photo copies. After he figured it out he hole-punched the papers out, put them in a folder, but I think everyone alomst lost it is when he used a STRING(cute butterfly knot) to ATTACH them together!! WHO IN THIS WORLD DOES THAT?!! We are in a mordernized country in the 21st century, do the words "INVENTION of STAPLERS & PAPER-CLIPS" mean anything?? HELLOOO!!! After that OT and the others went to see the cars. The Pakestani guy admitted that he was speeding when the inspector asked him. The guy lied to me when I asked him a couple of times of how he ended up hitting 2 cars saying "there was oil on the floor of the parking". I waited with Noosa in the inspectors office reflecting on what had happened. A few minutes after they came back, I left. That's all Folks.

All that aside the important thing is that el7imdellah no one got hurt, especially our Noosa. Now All ya'll drive carefully and wear your seat belts!

Ansam said...

Thanks babes :-***** I hear you sis on that! Its annoying! and I am so upset! I was in the office when the accident happen!

LOL thanks for the info DUDE!

Anonymous said...

SS LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL detailed and thourough!

Anonymous said...


LayDeeLay said...

SS..i fell asleep half way though:p..

Anonymous said...

ohhh ouch! Sorry about your car

Ansam said...

Yes Maha ouch ouch! but what can I say!

Confashion said...

Salamaaaat!!! I'm sorry!! I just read this post! Better late than never I guess :/

Ansam said...

confashions thanks dear :-*

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