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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


What was all the fuss about! I kept reading BAD reviews about Napket... very negative ones! I really wanted to try it! And I did.. earlier today, and guess what? I LOVED IT!!!!!

It started of when I was shopping around in the Avenues with my sister and I was telling her of all the bad reviews I have been reading about Napket - Kuwait on facebook, when she suggested that we should try it... and knowing me, the food lover that I am, I said "Sure! Lets go!"

The atmosphere was inviting, a neck-turner kinda thing! The interiors were fabulous and very edgy.. and I like edgy!!! Its modern meet antique! The floors, unfinished ceilings, chandeliers, and mouth watering display of food! It was all good! I ordered penne pasta arrabiata with basil while my sister ordered a salad with basmati rice and spaghetti with mushroom sauce and chicken (and I cant recall all of the additions she asked for... shes a pasta mania person, to say the least)... then we screened the chalkboard juice menu. I picked orange/ginger, and she went for pineapple! All good

Since the weather is getting nicer in the evening we sat out in the terrace! It was lovely, and busy! Not annoying busy... a good busy! Music background and a fountain running... with chatters here and there...

Our food arrived, but our drinks got mixed up! Nevertheless, the matter was solved shortly after, and the waiter kept checking on us... and asked as a couple of times if we needed anything or if everything was going ok!

My penne was yummy... spicy, but I am not a good scale when it comes to spicy food since I cannot handle the "Rooster" or tobasco! LOL... I tried my sister's salad, and it was amazing! She also said her food was but I was to full to try it! I asked her to try mine since she can handle spiciness better than me and she thought it was just fine :-) Its an 8 out of 10 for me... 2 points off for their high price list and the juice mix up ;-P So I am sure there is an area for improvement!

I think Napket is a new concept... a cut above any ordinary coffee shops here in Kuwait! A boutique kinda coffe shop that serves fast food! You know what I mean? Pricey? Yes... but other than that... I loved it, and I am definitely going back soon!


Anonymous said...

You know in India bloggers have stopped giving food review after few restaurants sued them for malicious blogging to bring down the business ..

Bloggers should be responsible when they 'snap' at some place/salesman/waiter or commercial venture ...

Like the good saying goes " if its bad tell us , if its good tell others" no one seems to know the blogger etiquets ( pardon spelling ). I am get very upset when Bloggers become irresponsible .

Since i'm going to piss off many bloggers let me be anony-mouse this time .

Aurous said...

This might seem weird but the bad reviews might be the best thing that ever happened to them ;p

I really really wanted to go after all the bad reviews, but then my friend gave me a good review and my first reaction was: "I can go later"!!

I'll definitely try it, but I'm in no hurry to do so ;)

Big Pearls said...

I would love to try it-sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...

lol @ the above anonymous dude

but yeh its true, but on the other hand a local blogger once gave bad review bout "Zatar wa zait" a lebanese restaurant. or everyone surprise, the management contacted her in order to get a clarification on her bad experience with the restaurant. It wasnt taken negative bel3ax it's for them to improve their weaknessess

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed it Ansam
plz come back soon :P

eshda3wa said...

ansam i think u and i will get a long fine in the food department

were both food lovers

a7es etha tejabalna we would make good fat friends lol

i tried napkit too

and i liked it

bs waay to pricy , 7dhum exaggerated ..


powder said...

criticism works :D

we went back there and it was much better but , yes pricey

Purgatory said...

The place has frenchies, they are evil, how can you eat there!

Grey said...

Why the red fonts? :P

No napket for me , No Chapati , no Napket ( kidding not my kind of restaurant )

Ms. D said...

i had a good sandwich bs 7ada nitfa.. good thing ma kint 7el yo3ana wala chan mit te7el6im ;p

bs naqdy 3lehom ina when its late bilel 3al 10 chethy ekhalis elly bil display.. ma eyebon wala esawon new sandiwches wala salads :O

Missy said...

el7mdellah ma76aity pix :P

Ansam said...

I am with bloggers giving honest opinions... it gives you an idea and help makes an improvement!

It helps :-)
LOL! You should go check it out anyway

Big Pearls-
It was to me ;-)

LOL... and yeah it happened to me too a couple of times!

:-P Sure Hammour!

I think so too! hehehehe
we live for this! Dont we?
Love your "eshda3wa!" comment ;-)

Very true... constructive ones ;-0


Its pink! Remember my early Oct post when I said I am going Pink?
LOL! You want chapati??? :-P

Ms. D-
LOL... well thats the thing! They are fast food restaurant and they serve whatever available in the menu, not a kitchen that prepares food on order you know!

LOL.. :-P I wanted to but I couldnt take any cuz of copy rights issues!

Grey said...

oh ! that pink .. OK OK !

anyways here is a insider story .. NAPKET had to open in a hurry due to pressure from the brand/ mall ( either one of them ) and they are desperatley searching for more staff. And due to all this (bad) publicity they are having robust business .

Ansam said...

yeah.. that pink ;-)
And thanks for the insider info

Anonymous said...

Hi Ansam, i went to napket yesterday i was sitting in the terrace, it was really fun with the great weather and Fantastic music:)
The food is delicious and fresh, the decor is stunning, i loved the ipod on tables i saw them inside .. i thought: really cute touch!
The best thing is "I can eat in napket and still fit into my size zero jeans" LOL ;p
Napket i'm coming back soon :)
Thanks ANSAM your are the best :*
Does anyone know who's the owner? i've heard it's a company but i'm not sure


Ansam said...

Thank you for your comment :-)
I got to know one of the group owners or who works with them, and he is very professional and sweet too! You can join their facebook group. Do I know you? I feel that I do!?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we don't know each other :(
But i always read your blog :)

Ansam said...

I see :-) Thank you for your sweet comments then ;-)

K.thekuwaiti said...

I had breakfast at napket a few days ago with my friends. The food was quite good and we are definitely going back. In terms of pricing, it was quite reasonable compared to what other restaurants are charging these days.

Ansam said...

first of all.. good to know you're alive! How have you been?
secondly... breakfast! hmmm how is their breakfast?
When it comes to pricing... I see what you mean... other placers are really going nuts with it, but I still find Napket pricey! But then again, I think.. its a different experience, concept, atmosphere! So its akeed worth it to drop by again and again!

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